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PlayStation 5 Showcase Event

Sony reveals upcoming lineup of exclusive games and price for next-gen console at PlayStation 5 digital showcase.

After business rival Microsoft has revealed their next-gen console price and release date, Sony announces to showcase its upcoming launch lineup titles for PlayStation 5 and much more in a brand-new livestream on September 16, 2020.

PS5 showcase event begins from 1:00 PM PT/4:00 PM EDT on official PlayStation channel at Twitch and YouTube. Fans are expecting to see some major announcement from Worldwide Studios and other first-party developers today.

playstation 5 showcase event retail price revealed $499 usd november 12 2020
PlayStation 5 Showcase Event

Latest digital showcase for PlayStation 5 features a quick look at new games that will be available at launch.

Final Fantasy XVI | Announced

A surprise first-look for upcoming action role-playing game Final Fantasy XVI is revealed as next mainline entry in Final Fantasy series, bring back known elements like chocobos, dragoons and Shiva are returning in a medieval-era setting.

FFXVI is exclusive to PS5 console and gameplay seems to be focusing on single-player campaign. Moving away from regular story premise, Square Enix has chosen a darker narrative path that revolves around mysterious mother crystals.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales | Gameplay Demo

New gameplay footage for upcoming super-hero adventure game Spider-Man: Miles Morales is shown today, where titular web-slinger gets in a fight against a high-tech criminal army known as the Underground during an election rally.

An accidental explosion from NuForm energy causes Braithwaite Bridge to fall apart and Miles get there to rescue civilians. He fights Tinkerer and her minions while displaying his bio-electric venom blast powers and camouflage abilities.

PlayStation Plus Collection | Announced

For members of PlayStation Plus service, Sony introduces PlayStation Plus Collection, a library of classic games as an added advantage. Players with PS Plus subscription can access major hits of current generation on PS5 on launch-day.

PS Plus Collection could very well be an answer to Xbox Game Pass program by Microsoft for a single subscription price. However, whether Sony will be rotating their curated games or keep them in a static lineup are yet to be confirmed.

playstation 5 retail price revealed $499 usd november 12 2020
PlayStation 5 Price Revealed

PlayStation 5 | Price Revealed
After several months of anticipation, Sony has finally revealed that PlayStation 5 will become available from November 12, 2020, in key markets across Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea and U.S. region.

Worldwide launch begins on November 19 and you can place your pre-order at select retailers starting from tomorrow. Digital Edition is priced $399.99 USD for retail shops and PS5 with a Blu-ray disc drive will be sold at $499.99 only.

playstation 5 retail price revealed $499 usd november 12 2020 sony
PlayStation 5 Launch Date

Before closing down, developer Santa Monica Studio teased upcoming sequel of 2018 action-adventure game God of War, which is likely to adapt fabled events of Ragnarok from Norse mythology and continue from where it left off.

PlayStation 5 showcase also points out that Sony will be embracing a $10 price increase for PS5 titles over standard cost for current-gen games as they move to next generation and few of these games will be launched on PlayStation 4.