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Dying Light 2 Gamescom 2021 Gameplay Preview

Techland sheds light on combat and parkour system of Dying Light 2 in newest trailer and third episode of Dying 2 Know at Gamescom 2021.

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Dying Light 2 Gamescom 2021 Gameplay Preview

Although moved from its original 2020 launch window, upcoming first-person survival horror game Dying Light 2 by developer/publisher Techland is currently set to release on December 7, 2021 for cross-generation console platforms.

Surviving in a world ravaged by a zombie outbreak is no easy feat and Techland reveals a bunch of new gameplay footage of Dying Light 2 regarding combat mechanics and advanced parkour system lately during Gamescom 2021 event.

Dying Light 2 gameplay trailer shown at Gamescom 2021 reveals how combat and parkour works in-game.

Dying Light 2 latest gameplay preview opens up with protagonist Aiden Caldwell reminiscing on how everything used to be in past before switching back to its current state where Civilization has fallen, only to usher a modern Dark Age.

Danger is lurking around every corner with infected creatures and looters are ruling the streets these days. Your chances of survival against these threats are next to zero if you are not ready to put up a fight or run away when cornered.

To immediately get away from trouble or traversing through the city, parkour is a very essential tool for players. Whenever you are trying to reach a valuable supply cache or getting chased by a Demolisher, parkour helps you get out fast.

Techland has literally worked on thousands of parkour animations for you to navigate smoothly while making it as realistic as possible. They even collaborated with Parkour movement founder David Belle to do these maneuvers accurately.

Going in-depth on DL2 combat and parkour, Techland releases third episode of Dying 2 Know ongoing web-series.

Today's episode of Dying Light 2 dev diary series hosted by lead game designer Tymon SmektaƂa dubbed as Dying 2 Know: Episode 3 Gamescom Edition begins with sharing more details about melee combat, parkour, reward and weapons.

Techland dev team has learned from first Dying Light game and made some improvements over its established system. DL2 parkour system is not just a way to traverse into high buildings but can be integrated in combat situations as well.

Aiden is able to jump through nearly any heights using various parkour tools like ropes, monkey bars, pipelines etc. Entire city is vertically layered and open for exploration for players with little aid of grapple-hook or newly added paraglider.

Dying Light 2 producer Szymon Strauss reveals that there are about 200 weapons in-universe to choose from and use in creative combat. Players find a basic version of a tool and then mod it over time to make it highly efficient in battle.

Techland also announces Dying Light: Platinum Edition to release on Nintendo Switch handheld, including original game and tons of content. A physical edition will be launched bundled with a Switch game card, two-sided map and stickers.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is coming later this year to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Pre-order bonus for DL2 digital and physical edition to include an exclusive Reload Pack, outfit, paraglider skin and weapon.