Final Fantasy 14 Sold Out on Square Enix Store

Despite being available digitally, PC version of Final Fantasy XIV: Complete Edition was sold out on Square Enix Store.

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Final Fantasy XIV Sold Out on Square Enix Store

In anticipation of upcoming fourth DLC expansion pack Endwalker for 2013 action role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV, series fans are rallying up to play en masse and even set a record year for crossing 47,000 concurrent player on Steam.

Amidst recent player surge, digital copies of Final Fantasy 14 Online: Complete Edition suddenly became paused at Square Enix Store earlier without any warning and had apparently shown to have sold out all copies, according to new report.

Although listed as digital-only, new players trying to purchase a copy of FFXIV Online: Complete Edition on PC platform has found a "waiting list" option instead of regular "add to cart" button at developer/publisher Square Enix's online store.

Though download for PC and PlayStation 4 platform became inaccessible, players could still get their hands on Mac version. PlayStation Store or Steam however, didn't face similar problems at all and people were able to buy their digital copies.

Though sales have been resumed, Square Enix probably did this to deal with ongoing pressure on popular FFXIV servers right now and if that was really the case, then pausing digital sales for a brief period of time actually makes a lot of sense.

Due to its growing popularity, servers are often crowded heavily and new players face a tough time creating new characters and since Square Enix have no plans to increase Final Fantasy 14 server capacity anytime soon, sales were paused.

Square Enix Store is currently having a sale offering Final Fantasy XIV Online: Complete Edition at 60% off for a price of $23.99 only, which includes A Realm Reborn base game, Heavensward, Shadowbringers and Stormblood expansion packs.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMO out there that doesn't require player to join a group and anyone can play alone. Square Enix has released three FFXIV expansions till this day and a fourth one is coming on November 23, 2021.
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