Hitman 3 Review-Bombed on Steam Over Pricing and VR Issues

PC version of Hitman 3 is getting review-bombed on Steam due to abusive price and broken experience in VR mode.

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Hitman III Review-Bombed on Steam Over Pricing and VR Issues

A year after launching as an Epic Games Store-exclusive, 2021 stealth action-adventure game Hitman III from developer/publisher IO Interactive has finally made its debut on Steam for PC platform earlier this week with mixed reception.

Despite being a long-anticipated release, Hitman 3 didn't get a warm welcome on Steam and getting review-bombed after launch. Fans are angry at IO Interactive for publishing a one year-old game for full price and VR mode with issues.

Hitman 3 Year 2 content roadmap officially kick-starts with recent release on Steam but fans are seemingly not very excited after all. Only hours within launch, Hitman III gets bombarded with hundreds of negative reviews, angry at IOI.

Most players are taking issue with IO Interactive charging full retail price for the game, which originally launched a year ago. Some people only purchased a copy on Steam to play VR mode but that too, is currently at an unplayable state.

Those who allegedly played PlayStation VR version of Hitman 3 claims that PC version has bad tracking and poor motion controls. Many people buying H3 only for VR mode are complaining for a broken experience and disappointing port.

Other than having a launch day price tag, Hitman 3 has many purchase options available with vague descriptions and no buying guide. Users also claim that price has been raised and then discounted only to make it feel like a great deal.

Players who already own Hitman 1 and 2 should have some instructions on how to transfer all progress to Hitman 3 via IOI server. This way, many people can simply avoid buying the wrong versions and then won't have to wait for refund.

IO Interactive recently announced plans to include more content for Hitman III through Year 2 and beyond. Agent 47 will be exploring Elusive Target Arcade and getting a single-player mode Freelancer, which includes a safehouse location.
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