Respawn is Working on Three Star Wars Games, Including Fallen Order Sequel

EA officially announces three new Star Wars games including Jedi: Fallen Order sequel is under development at Respawn Entertainment.

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Respawn is Working on Three Star Wars Games, Including Fallen Order Sequel

Other than a few reports and rumors earlier this month, there was a job listing by developer Respawn Entertainment and a sequel to 2019 action-adventure Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was teased by publisher Electronic Arts in 2021.

In a recent announcement, EA has officially revealed that Jedi: Fallen Order sequel is in works right now at Respawn. Internal dev teams are also developing two new Star Wars projects in partnership with collaborator Lucasfilm Games.

According to latest press release, three new Star Wars games are being helmed by Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella. Stig Asmussen is serving as game director for newest chapter in Star Wars Jedi story over at Respawn.

Medal of Honor series co-creator Peter Hirschmann will be directing a Star Wars first-person shooter game. Hirschmann previously worked at LucasArts as VP of development and was an executive producer on original Battlefront titles.

Respawn will also produce a Star Wars strategy game in collaboration with brand-new studio Bit Reactor by industry veteran Greg Foertsch, who assembled former Firaxis Games members who worked on titles like Civilization and XCOM.

Douglas Reilly, vice president at Lucasfilm Games has expressed excitement of working with Respawn to create new epic Star Wars stories. Walt Disney Games senior vice president Sean Shoptaw also praised EA for previous successes.

After joining with Ubisoft for an open-world game last year, Lucasfilm hinted at EA exclusivity deal coming to an end soon. However, EA stated saying their long-running collaboration with Lucasfilm Games will continue for years to come.

EA has signed Star Wars exclusivity deal back in 2013, which would last for 10 years and their agreement is still valid, suggesting Ubisoft's open-world Star Wars game and Quantic Dream's Star Wars: Eclipse won't be arriving before 2023.
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