Elden Ring Datamine Reveals More Colosseum Arena Details

Newfound details regarding hidden colosseum arena within Elden Ring reveals more PvE elements instead of PvP multiplayer.

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Elden Ring Datamine Reveals More Colosseum Arena Details

Breaking sales records worldwide, 2022 action role-playing game Elden Ring by developer From Software and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment is still going strong across PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Among numerous deep secrets of Lands Between, a hidden colosseum arena was found shortly after launch. Though it was originally believed to be a part of Elden Ring future multiplayer DLC plan, a few exciting details was found recently.

YouTuber Sekiro Dubi has discovered new details regarding Elden Ring coliseum arena lately by using fan-created map editor DSMapStudio. There are many hidden elements within its overall structure that adds several "dummy" enemies.

It was evidently set up for a gladiator-style battle for Tarnished warriors to go up against deadly beasts or fellow combatants. Chances are, some cataclysmic events during The Shattering have also taken place on these grounds at that time.

Sekiro Dubi was able to restore functionality of a coliseum and it lead to a fight between a lion-esque creature and a combatant. Unlike what many have believed originally, these arenas were most possibly built for PvE and not PvP battles.

Around these areas, there a Ritual Shield talisman you can find just outside and a Site of Grace inside its walls. When inspecting the talisman, it mentions a long-dead tradition of ritual fights to honor the Erdtree before King Radagon era.

Sekiro Dubi has shared their newly discovered details regarding Elden Ring coliseum arena with PvE elements.

Without ruling out any possibility for any DLCs in future, Sekiro Dubi thinks that From Software may end up using these arenas to unveil pre-Elden Ring events, much like Artorias of the Abyss DLC for Dark Souls that had a coliseum as well.

Elden Ring is a vast game and its coliseum ground takes up a large part of entire map, therefore leaving it empty seems a bit odd. Although no DLC has been announced just yet, many fans are waiting for one, given From Software's history.
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