GTA 5 Actor Responds to Michael Joining GTA Online Rumor

Voice actor who played Michael De Santa in GTA V responds to rumors of his return to a GTA Online on social media.

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GTA V Actor Responds to Michael Joining GTA Online Rumor

Despite their negligence to add new content for Red Dead Online, developer/publisher Rockstar Games continues to roll out seasonal events and story DLCs for multiplayer mode of 2013 crime action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto V.

A datamining effort has recently teased that GTA 5 protagonist Michael De Santa maybe joining Grand Theft Auto Online via a future update. Michael voice actor took notice of these rumors of GTA Online debut and even responded back.

After being reported online, Michael De Santa actor Ned Luke took social media responding to a leak suggesting his return to GTA Online. Though he didn't seem very pleased, Luke has avoided confirming or denying his involvement at all.

If he is actually working with Rockstar for a future GTA Online update, it makes sense for him to stay quiet until official announcement. However, fans are taking his vague response as a hint to some sort of upcoming secret collaboration.

GTA V actor Ned Luke makes a blurry response to a rumor regarding return of Michael De Santa on Twitter.

When dataminers found a clue to a possible movie-themed update in GTA Online files lately, it was just an indication to Michael DLC. Luke's response to that finding lately is a major hint that Rockstar may be really up to something now.

GTA Online updates are usually launched by Rockstar Games near the end of summer and so, it may take some time to receive a confirmation. Now that they have released next-gen version of GTA 5, something big may get revealed soon.
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