Final Fantasy 7 Director Teased at Playable Red XIII and Third Game Title

In a recent interview, Final Fantasy VII director Tetsuya Nomura teased at name of its third installment, a playable Red XIII and more.

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Final Fantasy VII Director Teased at Playable Red XIII and Third Game Title

Earlier at 25th anniversary celebration event, developer/publisher Square Enix announces Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, Part 2 as part of a trilogy of remakes for 1997 action role-playing game and an HD remaster of 2007 prequel entry Crisis Core.

Square Enix originally had plans for Final Fantasy VII Remake to be released in two parts but dev team ends up making it a trilogy. Moreover, third installment of FF7 shares a name theme with previous titles and Red XIII may become playable.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake director Tetsuya Nomura recently opened up about upcoming FF7, Part 2 during an interview with Dengeki Online. He and producer Yoshinori Kitase also shared a few details regarding ongoing Final Fantasy VII games.

Nomura admits that he had no plans for using a title format like "Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth" but just Part 2 before it was revealed. However, he also adds that third FF7 game will also have "R" on initials like Remake, Reunion as well as Rebirth.

Other than altered subtitle, FF7: Rebirth will also have Red XIII, a talking wolf-like creature as a playable character. Although originally introduced as a main party member, Red XIII was simply added as a guest NPC in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

A last remaining member of his species, Red XIII was captured and experimented on by ShinRa Company employee Professor Hojo. He was rescued by protagonist Cloud Strife and his friends when they came looking for Aerith Gainsborough.

Square Enix apparently didn't want to introduce a new character mid-game, which lead to him getting sidelined. Nomura may finally introduce everyone's favorite non-bipedal party member for newest entry in Final Fantasy 7 Remake series.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was initially planned for a two-part release but it expanded into three due to overall scope of its plot premise. Red XIII being playable in FFVII: Rebirth will finally give him a deserved spotlight in modern FFVII Remake.
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