Microsoft Made $2.9 Billion Revenue from Xbox Game Pass in 2021

Brazilian regulator reveals that Microsoft generated $2.9 billion in revenue from Xbox Game Pass on consoles last year.

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Microsoft Made $2.9 Billion Revenue from Xbox Game Pass in 2021

Earlier last week, Brazil's regulatory body has approved Microsoft's proposed $68.7 billion deal of Activision/Blizzard acquisition with no restrictions and a public report also reveals how much they made last year through Xbox Game Pass.

Brazil's Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) recently submitted details of their findings on Activision/Blizzard deal and a detailed report unveils that Microsoft generated $2.9 billion revenue from Xbox Game Pass in 2021.

In a small table, CADE explains that Xbox saw an income of $2.9 billion from game subscription services for consoles, which is Game Pass. However, CADE report doesn't show an actual profit and excludes revenue figure of PC Game Pass.

Microsoft's annual revenue on Xbox for last year was $16.28 billion and Xbox Game Pass made nearly 18% of that amount. Moreover, XGP grossed about 30% of their revenue for games and services, which was $12.581 billion altogether.

Throughout last year, Nintendo Switch Online earned a revenue of $932 million as EA Play saw $356 million only. Surprisingly, there was no mention of Sony's game subscription services like PlayStation Now and newly revamped PS Plus.

CADE's report published these findings to reveal why they approved a proposed acquisition of Activision/Blizzard with "no restrictions", claiming that Sony can be competitive even if Call of Duty becomes exclusive to Xbox in near future.
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