Blight: Survival Pre-Alpha Gameplay Revealed

Indie developer Haenir Studios reveals pre-alpha gameplay footage for upcoming medieval co-op action-horror game Blight: Survival.

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Blight: Survival Pre-Alpha Gameplay Revealed

Taking an overly-saturated zombie survival genre to a medieval setting, roguelite co-op action-horror game Blight: Survival by indie developer/publisher Haenir Studio is arriving on Windows PC platform via Steam at a near future date.

Sharing ongoing progress across social media, Haenir Studio posted several videos of their new project from its early stage of development. After months of teasing, dev team finally reveals a first-look at gameplay through a new trailer.

Haenir Studio releases pre-alpha gameplay footage of upcoming roguelite co-op action game Blight: Survival.

First gameplay reveal trailer for Blight: Survival offers a glimpse at its gory combat and realistic graphics. Set in an alternate reality 14th century, Blight doubles down on violent medieval-era bloodshed with knights, blades and zombies.

Latest gameplay footage opens up showing a knight repeatedly pummeling a zombie in its skull with the underside of his shield. He then walks to a nearby body of muddled fungus and an on-screen notification appears updating journal.

These journal entries upon new discoveries may be linked to in-game quests regarding a blight that is plaguing people en mass. He is then attacked by a few more undeads that he easily kills with a sword and tackling the last one down.

Plagued by a deadly disease, you must explore a war-torn no man's land while slaying zombies and rival warriors alone or with a friend. Sneak past enemies to avoid confrontation or prey on them using stealth mechanics when required.

Inclusion of stealth approach to take down opponents is could mean that players can infiltrate enemy outposts and secure it for their own. There are hints of a crafting system and roguelite elements are likely tied to player-progression.

Blight: Survival takes zombie-apocalypse back to middle ages unlike many modern-day undead nightmares like Back 4 Blood. A result of two-person team effort, it looks incredible even in its early phase and is made with Unreal Engine 5.
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