Xbox Game Pass to Add Return to Monkey Island, Somerville and More

Microsoft will be adding Return to Monkey Island, Somerville and more to Xbox Game Pass library in November 2022.

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Xbox Game Pass to Add Return to Monkey Island, Somerville and More

As we start a new month today, Microsoft Studios took no time to reveal a new lineup for Xbox Game Pass monthly subscribers to play across Android devices, Windows PC and Xbox family of current and next-generation console systems.

Starting today, members on all platforms can take part in freeing Taiwan from Imperial Japan in The Legend of Tianding. Also joining today are The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and a spin-off TWD: Michonne for members on PC platform.

Coming to Game Pass at launch-day, 2022 atmospheric 2D adventure Ghost Song from Humble Games debuts on November 3, 2022. Next week, Football Manager 2023 and Return to Monkey Island hits on cloud, consoles and PC together.

Fight against hordes of night creatures and survive until dawn in Vampire Survivors, arriving for consoles on November 10, 2022. Then explore an illustrated world in narrative adventure game Pentiment, a day-one Xbox Game Pass launch.

Following a catastrophic invasion, 2022 indie sci-fi adventure Somerville by developer/publisher Jumpship sets you apart from family and sends on a journey to unite once again amidst a large- scale conflict, day-one launch later next week.

Xbox Game Pass will be removing both version of Football Manager 2022 on November 8, 2022. Also getting delisted are Art of Rally, Fae Tactics, Next Space Rebel, One Step from Eden as well as Supraland for all platform on November 15.
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