Silent Hill Producer Wants More Indie Studios to Pitch Games

Motoi Okamoto, producer of Silent Hill series wants more indie studios to come up with new and unique ideas to make games.

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Silent Hill Producer Wants More Indie Studios to Pitch Games

Concluding many months of speculations, Japanese developer/publisher Konami has revealed a number of ongoing projects last year including Silent Hill 2 Remake, Silent Hill: Ascension, Silent Hill f, Silent Hill: Townfall and a sequel movie.

Anticipation for upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2 is very high and even developer Bloober Team is feeling pressured to meet expectation. Meanwhile, Konami wants more indie studios to pitch them some unique ideas for Silent Hill games.

In an interview with IGN Japan, series producer Motoi Okamoto talked about their recent Silent Hill reveal event. Konami announced handful of upcoming titles and most of them are currently being handled by renowned indie developers.

He says that Konami can only do so much by themselves and therefore, they need to work with lots of different indie studios to make more Silent Hills, which is why they decided to work with developers around the world for new project.

Konami has approached Annapurna Interactive, Bloober Team and NoCode studio to make new Silent Hill games earlier. However, Konami's plans for the franchise are not limited to titles that were announced during the livestream event.

Okamoto is accepting pitches from other studios right now and claims that there were projects that never really took off. Since revival of Silent Hill was a secret, Konami couldn't simply go out and ask everyone to bring their game pitches.

Konami knew that only a remake won't be enough for fans to consider it a series revival and so, they took new pitches. Unfortunately, some projects never got started but they are still looking and Okamoto promises to look through them.

Silent Hill franchise will only continue to grow and Konami is still talking with many creators for possible future projects. Motoi Okamoto is happy to see fans' reaction to Japanese-style horror of Silent Hill f, which is artistic in its aesthetic.
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