Sifu Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S Release Date

Sloclap officially confirms a release date for Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S version of Sifu alongside new Arenas mode in late March.

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Sifu Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S Release Date

It was somewhat expected for French developer/publisher studio Sloclap to release 2022 action beat 'em up game Sifu on other platforms after its original launch on PC via Epic Games Store as well as PlayStation 4 and 5 console last year.

Earlier in December 2022, upcoming Steam and Xbox launch was officially confirmed by Sloclap with a window of release. A latest announcement reveals Sifu will arrive for PC via Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on March 28, 2023.

Highlighting features of Arenas mode, Sloclap releases a brand-new trailer for Sifu ahead of its arrival soon.

Sloclap previously announced a free update that includes new Arenas mode for all platforms on same day. Sifu players will have access to nine new locations and a handful of challenges across five game modes in latest Arenas expansion.

Survival mode will unload waves of enemies to take down and Performance mode tries to push you to perfection. Battle a group of goons against the clock playing Time Attack or play Capture mode by try and take hold of a marked area.

Moreover, Manhunt mode tasks you to take down a specific target surrounded by protectors in brutal combat. Players will have a lot of fun battling enemies in various different locations using their honed kung-fu skills and sheer ferocity.

Sifu will receive Arenas expansion on Nintendo Switch console at a later date alongside content of Title Update 3. Latest trailer also suggests that Sloclap will add a few movie-inspired costume including The Grandmaster and couple more.
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