Grounded, Hi-Fi Rush and More Are Reportedly Coming to PS5 and Switch

Xbox will be releasing first-party exclusive games Grounded, Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment and Sea of Thieves to rival consoles.

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Grounded, Hi-Fi Rush and More Are Reportedly Coming to PS5 and Switch

In wake of a wave of rumors online early last week, Xbox leadership announced to share a huge business update on February 15. Gamers across rival platforms were expecting major first-party exclusives to be released on multi-platforms.

Xbox gaming boss Phil Spencer, president Sarah Bond and studio head Matt Booty talked about their short-term future plans for Xbox today, confirming at least four fan-favorite exclusives are coming to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Matt Booty, Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond shared plans of their latest market strategy at official Xbox podcast.

Phil Spencer didn't share names for those four games stating that they will be revealed by their respective developer studios. Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment will reportedly release first, followed by Grounded and Sea of Thieves on a later date.

Spencer clarified that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and Starfield are not among those four games. Although console exclusivity strategy won't change, he believes that fewer games would be exclusive to a single platform in ten years.

For past weeks, various known insiders were claiming acclaimed first-party exclusive game Hi-Fi Rush and beloved pirate simulator Sea of Thieves are going to rival consoles like PS5 and Switch in near future, citing reliable industry sources.

When news reports of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and Starfield heading to PlayStation 5 were out, Sony players got really excited. As part of an ongoing "Console War", some fans were upset at Xbox for their latest market strategy.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone since Microsoft has been publishing their games on other consoles and platforms for years. Much like Minecraft, most of their titles come to PC and Xbox family of console system for years now.

Microsoft wants their games to be playable for as many players as possible by focusing on Xbox Game Pass. Their priority is to bring games to Xbox platform and Game Pass, which isn't coming to any competitor platform of Xbox consoles.
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