Monday, January 1, 2018

PUBG May Come to PlayStation 4

2017 was undoubtedly dominated by developer PUBG Corporation's last-man-standing shooter Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on both PC and Xbox One. They even managed to cross international border with the game by having to release the game on China. Still, there is one particular space left for PUBG to conquer that is PlayStation 4 and the CEO of the company has recently hinted the possibility of it happening in the future.

playerunknown battlegrounds ps4
PUBG May Come to PlayStation 4

As you can see, right now Xbox One is the only console that is privileged to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on it, which makes the game exclusive to the platform at least for now. The PUBG Corp is willing to release the title on every possible console out there but for now they are mostly focusing on completing the game for Xbox One because there are many in-game issues yet to resolve and they are gradually going at it.

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First of all, the game isn't entirely complete which is why it was on Early Access of Steam and now in Game Preview on Xbox One. Whether or not Sony wants the multiplayer online battle royale of 2017 on their console, they did not offer any pre-release program like those mentioned above. Now, this is why they have to completely finish making Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds to release on PlayStation 4. However, PUBG Corp is very much interested to explore this possibility.

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Sony is very strict when it comes to release any game on PlayStation Store because of their restriction policy on quality. In some of the cases, some games took six more months to release on PS4 even though it was completed. Depending on your views on the pros and cons of pre-release programs of Steam or Xbox One, it can either turn out to be a great plus point or a sore end. This can still turn very positive for the developers as by the time they will finish the Xbox One version, they will figure out what to do with the PlayStation 4 release.