Sunday, May 13, 2018

Final Fantasy VII Remake Comes Before 2023

Upcoming anticipated high-definition remake of legendary JRPG title Final Fantasy VII will see release for PS4 before 2023.

Among its entire role-playing series of games, Final Fantasy VII is undoubtedly one of the most fan-favorite titles. A high-definition remake of the game for PlayStation 4 was in talks for a while from E3 2015 but then everyone went silent on it.

We do have an important update on that but just not the one that will probably make you happy. Square Enix has recently confirmed a date of release, which is before the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy series and that date is year 2023.

final fantasy 7 remake 2023
Final Fantasy VII Remake Comes Before 2023

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During Final Fantasy 30th anniversary exhibition in Japan, artist Tetsuya Nomura, game director Yoshinori Kitase and project leader Naoki Hamaguchi, three significant people related to Final Fantasy series were present in a panel there.

The audio translated from their conversation reveals about 2023 but it also isn't a final set date. At least, people now know that before when they cannot get it anyhow. We also learned that Biggs and Wedge will have a different redesigned look that you saw them in early trailers.

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Years before the official announcement of the remake in 2015, many gamers have been expecting an enhanced edition for some time. After releasing on 1997, it has sold over million copies worldwide and still has a solid fan base dedicated to the franchise.

When it came out, it had a great impact on players as they achieved a tectonic shift in game making and its whole franchise by replacing two-dimensional sprites with 3D polygons and it was such a revolutionary step back then.

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Those who somehow missed the official announcement for FFVII Remake can check out the trailer from PlayStation conference at E3 2015 below.

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Now waiting for upcoming Final Fantasy 35th anniversary may seem quite a stretch for many but we know that Square Enix do not hurry with any of their ambitious titles, especially when it is as iconic as the one we are talking about here.

They are aware how eagerly fans are waiting for the game to get their hands on; so they are only taking time to make sure that everything is in right order. We believe, fans can wait at least this long. Originally released on PlayStation console, Final Fantasy VII has later debuted on Android, iOS and PC.