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Apex Legends Bans 700,000 Cheaters

In a never-ending battle with cheaters, Respawn has banned over 700,000 players on Apex Legends so far.

Set within the fictional universe of Titanfall series, free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends by developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts became an instant hit upon launch and managed to amass 50 million players in a month.

However, one thing the game has been suffering from other than issues like constantly losing its player count is cheaters and Respawn is actively playing a vigilant role with EA to prevent them from ruining experience for others.

apex legends cheating pc bans 770k titanfall respawn
Apex Legends Bans 700,000 Cheaters

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When Apex was initially launched, developers had to ban 16,000 cheaters right off the bat and that number has been increasing. Attempts to create over 300,000 new accounts have been thwarted and more than 4,000 cheat seller accounts are banned.

Above mentioned figures are just from past 20 days on PC platform and Respawn has blocked 770,000 players since release. Of course, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are not completely above cheating but those are much easier to keep an eye on.

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After deploying a reporting tool in Season One update, detecting issues regarding aim-assists, speed boosts, x-ray vision and other performance-enhancing mods selling became easier and more than half a million players got booted for such illicit activity.

Cheating in competitive multiplayer games is a constant problem and developers have teamed up with security and fraud unit of Electronic Arts in order to continue crusade of delivering a clean and healthy environment for players to enjoy the experience.

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Although developer team has refused to share how they are fighting the battle but they are attacking cheaters and its sellers from any and every possible angle they can with every resources and tools they can get their hands on.

Despite losing much of early momentum, Apex Legends has still great potential for eSports but much of that possibility is threatened by cheating and CEO of Respawn, Vince Zampella intends to release more seasonal updates to retain players while they continue this fight.


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