Monday, July 8, 2019

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Operation Apocalypse Z Update

Aether story of Zombies mode continues and new changes come to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in twisted Operation Apocalypse Z.

Although inclusion of battle royale mode Blackout is a unique aspect of first-person shooter title Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 among other series titles, Zombies always remained an essential part of modern day Call of Duty experience.

Keeping that in mind, developer Treyarch and publisher Activision are about to release Operation Apocalypse Z update on July 9 for players of PlayStation 4, a week before arriving on PC and Xbox One platforms at July 16, 2019.

call of duty black ops 4 operation apocalypse z update treyarch ps4 pc xb1
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Operation Apocalypse Z Update

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Below is a brand-new official trailer showcasing newest Zombies experience in Black Ops 4 with brief details.

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Marking fifth Operation of CoD: BO4 shooter, players are about to encounter hordes of ravaging undeads on all available game modes. Plus, newly added maps throughout various modes will add more twist to an already exciting gameplay.

Try out new score-based game mode Sticks & Stones where you will only have ballistic knife, combat axe and a crossbow. Secure kills to earn varying points and go after leading player marked with a gold dot to gain upper hand.

call of duty black ops 4 new specialist reaper operation apocalypse z update
New Specialist, Reaper

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A new specialist, Reaper will return from Call of Duty: Black Ops III and this advanced war robot is an expert on heavy assault. Armed with Scythe heavy machine gun, he can inflict suppression effect on targets within range via explosive rounds.

He also uses a special issue jamming device, Radar Shroud to conceal a certain area on enemy mini-maps to go undetected for him and his teammates. Once unlocked, Reaper is playable in both Blackout and multiplayer modes at Tier 1.

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Players owning Black Ops Pass will get three more multiplayer maps including two Zombies-themed and one Black Ops classic. Fight a giant robot in Der Schatten map or head over to museum location of Remnant before returning to Havana.

BOP owners will also receive access to get into an all-new Zombies experience titled "Alpha Omega" in continuation of Aether storyline. Treyarch lets players to choose from both Primis and Ultimis characters before going into action.

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End of days are imminent upon us since undead armies has raided Blackout maps, turning waters red with blood. Two varied main maps will be up for play that includes special enemies and unlockable hidden Zombies secrets.

Then visit over to prison island map Alcatraz in dark to get ambushed by horde of living dead and discover latest twists in Nightfall. Pitted in a completely awry scenario, players need to come up with change of tactics to survive the darkness.

call of duty black ops 4 operation apocalypse z roadmap ps4 treyarch activision
Operation Apocalypse Z Roadmap

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Of course, players on PS4 are getting their hands of Apocalypse Z first from July 9 and to check out entire content list, have a look at the roadmap above. If you are on PC or Xbox console, you are only a week away from joining as well.

Those who purchased Digital Deluxe Edition for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 would not require owning Black Ops Pass for select contents. Also, theme outfits and weapon camos are making it to Black Market aside from 40 Tiers of rewards.