Warner Bros. Cancelled Two Superman Games

According to rumors, Warner Bros. has developed and cancelled two open-world Superman games from 2013.

In a day and age of superhero comics, movies and TV shows, only a few renowned characters among many has made a booming transition into popular video games like Batman: Arkham series and Marvel's Spider-Man.

According to industry insider James Sigfield, Warner Bros. has been trying to make an open-world Superman game since 2013 by taking pitches from many parties and has cancelled two of them in past six years period.

superman open world game cancelled warner bros 2013 rumors
Warner Bros. Cancelled Two Superman Games

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One of these titles was going the same way of 2018's best-selling superhero adventure game Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. It was supposed to have Man of Steel flying around in an open-world Metropolis fighting many of his arch-nemesis.

For reasons unknown, this title has got canned in a prototype stage of development, followed by another one titled Superman: Unborn that met the same fate by publisher company Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

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James Sigfield took Twitter to share a few scrapped piece of concept art from reportedly cancelled Superman game.

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Instead of setting around in Metropolis, "Unborn" was planned to be less of an open-world to limit Superman's strength. It was set within bottled city of Kandor and had both Brainiac and Doomsday as primary antagonists among a few others.

This part of detail seems to tie to previous a leak from May 2018 on image-based online bulletin board 4chan that mentioned Brainiac as its main villain. However, that rumored title had Metropolis as its premise instead of Kandor.

superman game scrapped character concept art man of steel general zod brainiac parasite metallo lex luthor doomsday darkseid
Superman Game Scrapped Character Concept Art

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Unborn ended up being cancelled because Warner Bros. was adamant for developers to use Arkham engine, which is a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 3 that has also been used to work on their latest release Injustice 2.

Due to such requirement and limitations of that engine, dev team couldn't get Superman to fly. Apparently, they have cancelled an untitled Suicide Squad game featuring characters like DeathStroke, Harley Quinn and Katana as well.

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Man of Steel was featured in some fighting games and side-scrolling brawlers but none of them has been able to see success so far like another iconic DC superhero Batman in Arkham franchise from developer Rocksteady Studios.

Currently, all efforts are focused on a yet to revealed Batman game from WB Montreal that would feature the Court of Owls and rumored to be called "Batman: Arkham Legacy", without having voice actor Kevin Conroy in lead role.
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