Sunday, January 19, 2020

Santa Monica Studio's Next Game Revealed by PS5 Event Leak

Rumored leak for upcoming PS5 event reveals next game of God of War developer to be called Legendz.

After hinting at and then confirm skipping E3 this year earlier for a second time in a row, Sony Interactive Entertainment probably was planning to do an event of their own in Q1 2020, which is now rumored to be in February.

What they originally planned to be a major reveal event for PlayStation 5 is no longer a secret anymore. In fact, a recent leak revealed that developer Santa Monica Studio is currently busy working on their next game titled Legendz.

santa monica studio new game legendz revealed ps5 event leak
Santa Monica Studio's Next Game Revealed by PS5 Event Leak

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Although we are yet to get some official confirmation, alleged leak has revealed possible price and even a release date for their next-gen hardware. Among launch lineup of PS5 are new game from God of War developer and Spider-Man 2.

There is always a chance that these leaks roaming around in social media could be fake since they have no credible source or evidence and many of these reveals closely reflects on what people are expecting from upcoming PS5 event.

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Even though Sony stated not to appear at E3 2020, it claims that they would return at E3 to discuss details of PS5 and upcoming release titles that includes Demon's Souls Remastered, Godfall, Gran Turismo 7, Legendz and MLB: The Show 21.

Right after Godfall was revealed on State of Play nearing end of last year, Bluepoint Games has already teased remastered version of Demon's Souls and earlier, Santa Monica was also teasing their next entry that is apparently called Legendz.

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Receiving universal acclaim for God of War reboot in 2018, fan-expectation from Santa Monica Studio is pretty high now. However, instead of working on a follow-up sequel, developers are focusing their effort on an exclusive for next-gen system.

Despite anyone knowing anything at all about it, Sony console owners are already excited for their new reveal. Probably still in its early development, Legendz would likely to be showcased during this event set for February 5, 2020.