Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Resident Evil: Resistance Adds New Masterminds Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer

Two new masterminds, Alex Wesker and Ozwell E. Spencer are revealed to be added in Resident Evil: Resistance.

Though many players thought Resident Evil: Resistance to be a standalone title at start, it was revealed by developer/publisher Capcom as a replacement for Mercenaries mode of upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Still months away from release, two new Masterminds are being added to its 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience lately. Joining Annette Birkin and Daniel Fabron are returning characters Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer.

resident evil resistance new masterminds alex wesker ozwell spencer capcom 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience re3 remake pc ps4 xb1
Resident Evil: Resistance Adds New Masterminds Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer

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Alex Wesker
Series fans can recognize Alex Wesker from Resident Evil: Revelations 2, who served as its main antagonist. Despite sharing last name with infamous Albert Wesker, these two has less in common and different ways of achieving goals.

Rather than approaching things directly, she would lay out plans for things to go as planned in the end. Often times, she would catch survivors off-guard by putting roadblocks on their way and then enhance nearby zombies.

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Alex is a bit sadistic and likes to play with her prey by subjecting them to horrible experiments and psychological horrors. Therefore, she fits perfectly in role of a cunning Mastermind and her trump card is carnivorous plant Yateveo.

Yateveo is a deadly bio-weapon that takes slight inspiration from other plant-based enemies from Resident Evil series like Ivy and Plant 42. Though its position is fixed at one place, it can still cause great harm and thwart your objectives.

resident evil resistance plant based bio weapon creature yateveo capcom 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience re3 remake pc ps4 xb1
Plant-Based Monster Yateveo

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Ozwell Spencer
Umbrella Corporation was founded by Ozwell Spencer to fulfill his insidious dream of achieving immortality. Since he has always remained behind shadows throughout entire RE series, it is very fitting for him to become a Mastermind.

Before his appearance in Resident Evil 5, players have never seen him and his presence was very brief. Upon discovering of recent reports by Alex on a virus mutation, Ozwell has taken a more direct approach with his experiments.

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Unlike Annette Birkin or Daniel Fabron, Spencer cannot summon mutated G-Birkin or mighty Tyrant Mr. X and even though he will not be controlling a bio-weapon to halt his subjects, his use of Disintegration Field will be severely damaging.

Its cooldown period is relatively shorter than other powerful bio-weapons and all of his creatures will still remain unaffected. Any plans laid out to delay survivors in escaping by father of Umbrella are designed to slowly wear them off.

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Whereas Alex's playstyle will be largely focused on setting traps to try and stop any survivors from escaping her grasp, Ozwell would rely more on his company tech to slowly trap everyone and redirect them into his grand scheme.

Although settings and survivors of Project Resistance are from around Raccoon City, Capcom has confirmed its premise to be non-canon, which gave dev team freedom of bringing any series character back into play as a Mastermind.

resident evil resistance abandoned casino map capcom 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience re3 remake pc ps4 xb1
Abandoned Casino Map

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Brand-new maps include an abandoned casino that is simply titled Casino and Abandoned Park nearing outskirts of town. During initial wave of an outbreak, these locations were quickly abandoned and swarmed with monsters.

Resident Evil: Resistance will let you play as one of these evil Masterminds or young survivors when it arrives on April 3, 2020 for Resident Evil 3 Remake for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms to serve as multiplayer component.