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Microsoft Will Pay Hackers to Find Xbox Security Issues

Gamers and non-gamers seeking to earn big cash can join Xbox Bounty Program and get paid for finding bugs.

In an attempt to find out vulnerabilities within their security systems, Microsoft has recently launched Xbox Bounty Program that will pay out anyone to detect major issues of Xbox Live service or even hack Xbox One systems.

Whether you are an Xbox gamer or not, you can earn reward amounts from as minimum as $500 to highest $20,000 depending on how critical these issues actually are and how thoroughly they are being reported to authority.

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Microsoft Will Pay Hackers to Find Xbox Security Issues

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All a person with bug-hunting skills needs to do is to send their report in writings or a video clip demonstration. Microsoft is looking for detecting elevation of privilege, remote code execution, spoofing and other key problems than DDoS attacks.

Major companies often offer bug bounties to actual product users for effectively finding flaws in their software. This way, they save a lot of money from spending in researches and more work is getting done on a regular basis.

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This initiative will attract many security researchers and technologists for a chance to earn a lot of money. Although some submissions are not eligible for financial incentives, Microsoft will still acknowledge any effort if a report leads to a fix.

However, there is no implication of any vulnerability in Xbox Live services and purpose of this announcement is to let people know that the company is very willing to pay five figure sums than facing a critical hit and loss of personal information.

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Back in 2011, Sony Entertainment came under a major security hack that took down PlayStation Network for 23 days and instead of being generous to hackers for their help with security systems, they only offered white hats a t-shirt.

Microsoft already has a similar bounty program in place for Windows 10 that will pay out a maximum amount of $250,000 to point out its security issues, which they are now extending towards console systems and online services.