Little Devil Inside Devs Will Change Racist Character Design

Neostream Interactive apologizes for unintended character design in Little Devil Inside that angered fans.

In recent stream for PlayStation 5 Reveal Event, developer Neostream Interactive showcased their upcoming action-adventure role-playing game Little Devil Inside, which will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and a timed exclusive for PS5 console.

Shortly after reveal, Neostream started getting backlash on social media over an enemy design that many claimed to be racist and developers quickly came up with a response, promising to change the design in question before final release.

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Little Devil Inside Devs Will Change Racist Character Design

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One of the trailers for next-generation games showcased in PS5 digital event that caught everyone's attention for its strangely unique aesthetic was a crowdfunded Kickstarter project titled Little Devil Inside from an indie studio.

Many took Twitter to voice opinion over an enemy design in LDI that resembles to dark-skinned tribes people with prominent red lips, wearing dreadlocks and masks, common tropes that are similar to racist stereotype in various medium.

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People immediately called out this stereotypical racist character design for black folks in LDI and South Korean developer Neostream reached out to apologize this weekend for such unintended depiction, which they will change soon.

Business development director for Neostream, John Choi states that they clearly didn't intend for a "racist stereotype" and will adjust its design. He added, these characters were to act as guardians/protectors of a certain in-game region.

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Known streamer and Twitch partner LordBalvin was one of the first among many fans to point this issue out.

Of course, developers of Little Devil Inside didn't take reference for these mystic natives from African or Afro-American human tribes. Since their intention was to create colorful masks, dev team will also remove bold lips and dreadlocks.

Choi said that LDI developers will consider changing said character design entirely if needed and will not have same instances again. They would make a few adjustments to see if they are suitable to the game or make overall change.

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What made these design of tribal folks a problem in first place is that protagonist character is shown to be fighting a number of monstrous enemy variety and those tribal ones seemed to be the only humans he faces off as adversaries.

Whether or not intentional, this seems like a real-world stereotype comparison of these people to hostile monsters. Besides, that particular scenario seems to take inspiration from an era that is known for plundering of indigenous people.

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Anyone who accidentally missed Little Devil Inside reveal trailer from PS5 reveal can take a look below.

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Now, it can be debatable whether they should continue pursuing an artistic choice or to make change to please the crowd and Neostream Interactive actually accepted this to be a mistake on their part and decided to work on it as well.

Little Devil Inside is currently set to arrive for PC platform and Sony consoles, with hints form official Neostream Interactive website suggesting for a possible Nintendo Switch and Xbox One version release that will follow afterwards.
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