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Resident Evil 3 Remake Cloud Version for Nintendo Switch Leaked

Latest leak through datamining lead to hints of Resident Evil 3 Remake coming to Nintendo Switch via cloud.

Following groundbreaking success of modern-day remakes in recent years, developer/publisher Capcom has been heavily focusing on their popular survival horror franchise Resident Evil and trying to expand across new platforms.

According to newly leaked cover art shared on ResetEra forum by dataminers that aligns with early reference found in a demo, Capcom is planning to release a cloud version of Resident Evil 3 Remake for Nintendo Switch consoles.

resident evil 3 remake cloud version nintendo switch leaked
Resident Evil 3 Remake Cloud Version for Nintendo Switch Leaked

In a surprise Mini Direct video presentation, Nintendo recently released Control and confirmed launching Hitman III on their handheld system in near future using cloud service while revealing a bunch of upcoming titles for Switch.

Latest datamining efforts have led watchful eyes to an image of Resident Evil 3: Cloud Version found within the same website for Control: Cloud Version, which hints at an upcoming Switch release of 2020 survival horror game.

Earlier this year, hints of a Switch version was reportedly found in a pre-release demo for RE3 Remake. Back then, industry analyst Daniel Ahmad also suggested that Capcom have plans to bring Resident Evil 3 to Switch handheld.

Nintendo previously launched Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version on Switch, which was limited to regions of Japan. If successful, Capcom may end up bringing Resident Evil 2 Remake to Switch platform very soon via cloud streaming.