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The Outer Worlds Sequel Reportedly in Development

Industry analyst reports The Outer Worlds sequel is currently being in pre-production at Obsidian Entertainment.

Despite offering a fulfilling experience and positive reception, 2019 action role-playing game The Outer Worlds from developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher Private Division was considerably short in terms of story length.

TOW already teased for a possible continuation at the end of its campaign run but no one really expects a follow-up anytime soon. According to an industry analyst, The Outer Worlds sequel is in pre-production phase at Obsidian right now.

the outer worlds sequel reportedly development
The Outer Worlds Sequel Reportedly in Development

Obsidian is currently involved in more than one project including Early Access survival game Grounded that requires frequent updates and then there is first-person fantasy action RPG title Avowed, set within Pillars of Eternity world.

Known video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad reveals that Obsidian is busy working on more projects than Avowed and Grounded. He heard report of a new game in TOW franchise is in pre-production to explore for possibilities.

Senior analyst Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners shared his recent findings about what Obsidian is doing now.

Shortly after The Outer Worlds officially announced its Steam release date, Ahmed posted this Tweet and though he never revealed any of his sources so far, it could be a completely different IP instead of much-anticipated TOW sequel.

A few months ago, Obsidian studio design director Josh Sawyer confirmed working on a major project that is yet to be revealed. Although he clearly indicated not being involved with Avowed at the moment, he didn't deny about TOW2.

After parent company Microsoft has bought over ZeniMax/Bethesda, many fans are expecting to see Obsidian Entertainment getting back to develop a proper sequel to Fallout: New Vegas, arguably the best game in Fallout franchise.

Sawyer made his statement more than a month before acquisition of Bethesda and therefore, he was not hinting at a new Fallout game at all. Considering what Daniel Ahmad and he said so far, it points to a sequel of The Outer Worlds.