State of Play: Demon's Souls Remake Showcase

SIE Worldwide Studios unveils Demon's Souls Remake gameplay sharing insights in newest State of Play episode.

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State of Play: Demon's Souls Remake Showcase

A classic remake of original PlayStation 3 title, upcoming action role-playing game Demon's Souls from developer Bluepoint Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment has hyped up all fans for its release on PlayStation 5.

Less than a week away from release, Sony releases a brand-new episode of State of Play today that highlights bosses, characters, difficulty, gameplay, locations and other essential aspects of Demon's Souls high-definition remake.

In a 12-minute deep dive video, Sony highlights all-new PS5 gameplay features of Demon's Souls Remake.

SIE Worldwide Studios creative director Gavin Moore attempts to break down how they kept the same vibe of Demon's Souls unchanged for next-generation consoles even after a decade in newly released State of Play showcase.

Before starting off an epic journey, customize your appearance in a revamped character creator to define how your brave hero would look like by tweaking body types, color, eyes, face, hair and other elements to finalize an avatar.

You can roam across five different in-game worlds using a hub known as Nexus and begin with "Archstone of the Small King". Here we see how quickly players can jump into a level because of a quick loading time of the game on PS5.

Instead of building from ground up, Bluepoint Games have used original code to preserve its true gameplay essence intact while adding new animations, upgraded models, textures and visual components through a new engine.

Demon's Souls remake would run on 60 FPS at dynamic 4K resolution in Performance Mode and stunning 4K on 30 FPS for Cinematic Mode. Whether you are looking for fluidity in combat or most detailed output, they got you covered.

Dev team has also added tons of newly recorded sound effects that you can experience via a headset, hearing enemies wandering around or some diabolic creatures lurking below, thanks to immersive system of Tempest 3D audio.

Though currently there are no additional contents planned to justify an increased $69.99 price for next-gen, Demon's Souls will be introducing online multiplayer features in post-launch that requires a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Demon's Souls Remake will be as challenging as original since Bluepoint Games didn't add any new difficulty settings for PlayStation 5. However, there will be more than hundred videos to serve as tutorials for players to help out.
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