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The Medium Already Recouped Development and Marketing Cost

Bloober Team has already covered entire development and marketing cost of The Medium in two days of sale.

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The Medium Already Recouped Development and Marketing Cost

Despite having being delayed for a month from its original release due to COVID-19 pandemic, psychological horror game The Medium from developer/publisher Bloober Team remains one of the most-anticipated Xbox Series X/S exclusive.

In a recent official statement, Bloober Team reveals recouping full development and marketing costs in a span of just two days after release across all confirmed platforms via digital and retail outlets, without giving details of exact sales figure.

According to a report from, latest release of Bloober Team has already sold enough copies that they entirely recouped entire development and marketing expenses, regardless of its platform exclusivity and Xbox Game Pass launch.

The Medium focuses on protagonist Marianne, who travels from real world and spirit world in pursuit of solving a mystery. She visits an abandoned resort investigating Niwa Massacre from years ago, looking for its former manager Thomas.

Bloober Team originally announced The Medium for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but had to wait for many years due to hardware limitations early console generations since those systems were not capable to render both worlds simultaneously.

The Medium took advantage of a less crowded release month of January 2021 by moving away from holiday 2020 launch window and it serves as a technical showcase for powerful hardware of Microsoft's next-gen console Xbox Series X/S.