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State of Play: Horizon Forbidden West Showcase

Guerrilla Games offers an extended look at Horizon Forbidden West gameplay and story in newest State of Play showcase.

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State of Play: Horizon Forbidden West Showcase

It has been six months since PlayStation 5 launch and fans are eagerly waiting to see more of upcoming action role-playing game Horizon Forbidden West from developer Guerrilla Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Offering an extended look at Forbidden West gameplay, Guerrilla Games and Sony has revealed a brand-new footage showcasing various in-game aspects during latest episode of State of Play broadcast just today on Twitch and YouTube.

Sony has released a 14-minute long State of Play extended gameplay trailer for Horizon II: Forbidden West.

Following events of original Horizon Zero Dawn, months have passed and protagonist Aloy is currently heading to west as a mysterious red blight is spreading over that can result in doom for all life on Earth if it's not stopped in time.

She explores Forbidden West alongside her old friends and will be accompanied by new people in her quest to an uncharted land. Aloy encounters a ruthless tribe of warriors that can control these deadly machines and are reigning chaos.

She sends her friend Erend to investigate San Francisco and retrieve a piece of artifact only for him to get in trouble when he and his companions got ambushed by a rogue section of Tenakth tribe only to be taken as captive or being killed.

These people have taken out most of her folks from Nora tribe as they came riding over beastly machines before capturing Erend. Wandering in unfamiliar territories, she is able to locate her friend in need and fights a few of these fighters.

Aloy attempts to traverse through surroundings by using tools like Pullcaster and Shieldwing at her disposal, aiding her in climbing quickly and aerial gliding respectively while her Diving Mask lets her explore into underwater open-world.

One of her biggest upgrades is Focus scanner that reveals nearby areas with a quick glance for free-climbing. Aloy uses stealth to surprise attack on her enemies to get an upper hand and she can also override machines to use as mounts.

Forbidden West allows players to choose from a wide range of weapons and focus on tactics in any fight. Aloy is able to perform new set of combos and she can always rely on her trusty Spear for melee attacks whenever in close combat.

She also has access to variety of weapons like Adhesive grenades fired through slingshots, Bows with regular arrows, smoke bombs, spike launcher and more to take down different enemies or machine types and all of them can be upgraded.

Aside from common human foes, a wide range of deadly machines are introduced in Horizon II that includes and not limited to aerial Sunwings, amphibian Burrowers and Snapmaws, vigilant Clawstriders and mammoth-esque Tremortusks.

Players got a better look at previously teased biomes and various wildernesses from Forbidden West reveal trailer. HFW is likely to send Aloy to many locations like Mojave Desert and Sierra Nevada mountain range, inspired by real-world.

There have been rumors of Horizon 2 getting delayed form its early estimated release window of Q2 2021. Guerrilla Games has addressed lately and stated that development is still on track but whether it's coming out this year is unclear.

Guerrilla Games is not ready to announce an official release date for Horizon Forbidden West at this moment. Sony concludes today's State of Play stream with game director Mathijs de Jonge promising fans to reveal more in future updates.