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Gotham Knights: Nightwing and Red Hood Co-Op Gameplay Demo

WB Games Montréal reveals new gameplay demo of Gotham Knights, highlighting Nightwing and Red Hood in co-op action.

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Gotham Knights: Nightwing and Red Hood Co-Op Gameplay Demo

Although originally promised to have two-player co-op play, upcoming action role-playing game Gotham Knights by developer WB Games Montréal and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive may feature 4-player online mode as hinted by leaks.

After teasing a new update for Gotham Knights yesterday on social media, WB Games Montréal revealed a new gameplay walkthrough of Nightwing and Red Hood in co-op action against petty criminals of Gotham City and Court of the Owls.

Gotham Knights game director Geoff Ellenor showcases various co-op gameplay mechanics in a 14-minute video.

Latest gameplay demo starts off with Bat-Family member Nightwing engaging a bunch of small-time brutes during patrol time. Using his Flying Trapeze glider, he engages The Regulators gang in the middle of a hacking crime over a rooftop.

In his acrobatic-style of combat, Nightwing keeps moving back and forth while taking down foes around him. He is joined by Red Hood shortly afterwards, who uses new Mystical Leap ability to jump from a nearby building and begins fighting.

Players can fill up a Momentum bar with each successful attacks and dodges but it grows faster with timed combos and strikes. Red Hood uses ranged attacks by firing non-lethal rounds but it deals a lot more damage and eliminate enemies.

His barrage attack will break off armored moves with piercing damage and he can ride Batcycle during chase sequence, like other heroes. Red Hood has an unlockable ability to attach enemies with a bomb and blow it up later on with a shot.

Gotham Knights allows you to customize on-screen UI according to your preferences and set up as you like. Bat-Family will use the Belfry as their new home base, tracking down story missions and upgrade equipments or gears at workbench.

Nightwing uses fast travel by employing Fast-Bat and heads over to Powers Club, a hidden base for Court of Owls. With stealth play, you can perform unique takedowns or finishing moves like faster ambush strikes or take them down quietly.

Augmented Reality Vision helps the Knights investigate mysteries or solve puzzles that can lead to new locations. Nightwing and Red Hood fights a number of Court of Owls' members, fought a Talon Gladiator before being trapped down there.

Gotham Knights is currently available to pre-order on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S with 233 Kustom Batcycle skin as bonus. WB Games Montréal is skipping PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions to offer best possible experience to fans.