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Summer Game Fest Showcase 2022 Live Now

Numerous upcoming releases were featured at today's Summer Game Fest Showcase 2022 livestream, hosted by Geoff Keighley.

Summer Game Fest Showcase 2022 Live Now

Celebrating anticipated upcoming projects, Summer Game Fest returns for a third year with E3 currently on a hiatus ever since COVID-19 pandemic broke out worldwide and will be headlined by host Geoff Keighley in a livestreaming show.

Fans are expecting to get a first-look at newly leaked Hideo Kojima game "Overdose" and may be a glimpse at God of War: Ragnarök with a launch date, scheduled to go live on June 9, 11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET across Twitch and YouTube.

Summer Game Fest 2022 livestream showcases few announcements and updates on upcoming title releases.

Street Fighter 6 | Guile Reveal
Already announced and offered a first-look at gameplay earlier, upcoming fighting game Street Fighter 6 by developer/publisher Capcom brings back America's fan-favorite hero Guile with an array of his classic moveset and legacy attacks.

Guile's iconic Sonic Boom and Somersault Flash Kick makes a return to keep his enemies at bay from afar. Sonic Blade from Street Fighter V is a Special Move now and not a V-Skill while three new Super Arts are added to his attack arsenal.

Street Fighter 6 Guile Reveal

The Callisto Protocol | Extended Gameplay
During recent State of Play event, upcoming sci-fi survival horror game The Callisto Protocol by developer Striking Distance Studios and publisher Krafton showed a pretty bloody gameplay of protagonist Jacob Lee fighting Biophage horde.

In an extended reveal, director Glen Schofield shows off his extended "Schofield Cut" with a lot of gore. As he continues to fight for survival, Lee dies several times by getting his head chewed off or being stuck inside a giant propeller blade.

The Last of Us Part I | Release Date
Lining up with upcoming TV adaptation of The Last of Us for HBO and multiple leaks, developer Naughty Dog announces 2013 action-adventure game remake, The Last of Us Part I, exclusively coming to PlayStation 5 on September 2, 2022.

Naughty Dog has apparently changed its name to align with The Last of Us Part II and a PC port is already in development. TLoU remake promises more accessibility options, modern controls and improved gameplay for its story campaign.

The Last of Us Part I: Digital Deluxe Edition

The Last of Us Part II | Standalone Multiplayer
As previously announced, multiplayer component for The Last of Us 2 has been overhauled and becomes a standalone experience. Naughty Dog didn't share anything other than a concept art as they keep expanding its new Factions mode.

The Last of Us multiplayer offering will have a new cast of characters and storyline that is set in a different part of United States. It will be as big as a Naughty Dog single-player game and devs promised to share more information next year.

The Last of Us Standalone Multiplayer Concept Art Revealed

Despite massive fan-expectations, SGF 2022 stream didn't showcase Elden Ring DLC, Ragnarök or a remake of Silent Hill 2. Many also hoped for Kojima to join Geoff Keighley at one point and announce his allegedly leaked game Overdose.

Ahead of Summer Game Fest 2022 broadcast, host Keighley warned fans not to expect a major AAA-blockbuster announcement. At the end of today's presentation, he also confirms that SGF broadcast will have an in-person event in 2023.