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The Last of Us Remake Reportedly Have No Gameplay Improvements

According to latest leak, upcoming PS5 release of The Last of Us Part I will seemingly have no gameplay improvements.

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The Last of Us Remake Reportedly Have No Gameplay Improvements

Without focusing their efforts on delivering a long-anticipated multiplayer component for 2020 action-adventure game The Last of Us 2, developer Naughty Dog decided to work on a remake of 2013 The Last of Us for PlayStation 5 instead.

Overall fan-reaction to upcoming PS5 remake's announcement was quite lukewarm and players slammed it as a "cash grab" attempt. Adding more trouble to the queue, a new leak claims that The Last of Us have no gameplay improvements.


A recent leak reveals a number of new images of upcoming The Last of Us Remake on ResetEra forum including protagonist Joel Miller's brother Tommy, his partner Tess and a leaked footage of tragic in-game opening sequence from TLoU.

Despite heavy speculation for The Last of Us Part I to adopt improved movements and shooting mechanic of The Last of Us Part II, most upgrades are allegedly focused on animation and audio but no gameplay advancements or whatsoever.

Twitter user @bloodborne_pc has shared leaked The Last of Us Part I screenshots and a video on social media.

Naughty Dog reportedly adds VRR (variable refresh rate) support for two visual modes for TLoU Part I. Players can either experience 4K resolution at 60 FPS in "dynamic mode" or enjoy playing the game at 40 FPS and 4K in "gameplay mode".

Latest leak also suggests that majority of accessibility options introduced in The Last of Us 2 will be featured in TLoU Part I. Moreover, whenever players upgrade any of their weapons in-game, Joel will also be seen adding some attachments.

Other than a number of legit screenshots, leaker didn't show any reliable source of information and so, people can be a little bit confused. It would be wise for fans to take any of these with a grain of salt until dev team officially confirms it.

The Last of Us Part II previously suffered a major leak months ahead of its June 2020 release as story spoilers were all over the internet. It was probably a disgruntled QA tester that publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment has found later.