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Nintendo Direct September 2022 Leaked Via Google Search

A newfound leak via Google-searching on official website reveals a possible Nintendo Direct livestream set for September 2022.

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Nintendo Direct September 2022 Leaked Via Google Search

Every year, Japanese developer/publisher Nintendo hosts a special Nintendo Direct showcase event to highlight some of their upcoming AAA or indie games coming to Nintendo Switch very soon, proceeded by an official announcement.

Nintendo already premiered one Direct livestream in February and a Partner Showcase in June throughout this year. A recent leak suggests that there could be a new Nintendo Direct stream, currently scheduled to go live on September 2.

While randomly searching on Google for Nintendo Direct lately, Twitter user tee noticed a very interesting change on official Nintendo website, which clearly implies that a new Direct show is set for an official showcase in September 2022.

When clicked on the link, it takes you to Nintendo Direct February 2022 event, although search description on Google outright says, it's about to go live "in 4 days" and fans across social sites are getting hyped for a new Direct next month.

Twitter user @teebeeYT has recently shared Google search result on upcoming Nintendo Direct showcase.

A new Nintendo Direct broadcast may take place in next few days since Nintendo didn't reveal one in July. Besides, there isn't any major exclusive dated for 2022 other than third-party titles like Bayonetta 3 or Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

These are all just wild speculation by fans but some of these rumors really seem believable and makes sense. Even if Nintendo ends up announcing a new Direct event soon, there is little clue on what new title Nintendo will be showcasing.

Some fans are theorizing that newest Direct could be focused on long-anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, originally scheduled to release this year but it has no merit since BotW 2 will overshadow latest Pokémon game.

Nintendo Direct September 2022 livestream won't take too long to be announced if it is set to go live later this week. Meanwhile, fans will be busy looking for more clues to figure out which titles are going to be highlighted in next Direct.