Xbox Live Gold Free Games for December 2022 Revealed

Games With Gold will be adding Bladed Fury and Colt Canyon as free games to Xbox Live Gold for December 2022.

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Xbox Live Gold Free Games for December 2022 Revealed

Wrapping up this year's final slate of freebies, Microsoft announces upcoming free Games With Gold lineup for December 2022, which becomes available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to play on Xbox family of cross-generation consoles.

Coming soon next month will be 2020 pixel-art shooter Colt Canyon from developer Retrific and publisher Headup, where you play as a cowboy who shoots his way through Wild West canyons of hostile enemies, hidden loot and weapons.

Adopting a stylish 2D art, Colt Canyon incorporates roguelike elements into its real-time combat gameplay. As you fight ruthless outlaws to save your kidnapped partner, a bloody road is ahead of your goal with loads of unknown obstacles.

Up next is 2021 classic 2D action game Bladed Fury by developer/publisher NExT Studios, which takes you to Ancient China and lets you embark on a breathtaking journey as Princess Ji to save her younger sister while exacting vengeance.

Ji was aided by ancient deities Hou Yi and Jingwei on her quest for justice, helping her to obtain the Soul Slivers and utilize their powers. Bladed Fury mainly focuses on high-octane combat and side-scrolling action, with traditional themes.

Xbox Live Gold monthly free games are also available for members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. New subscribers can sign up for $1 and gain access to a library of over 100 high-quality, great titles.
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