Redfall Isn't Arkane's Left 4 Dead, Confirms Director

Arkane Austin studio's upcoming most-anticipated Xbox-exclusive Redfall won't follow steps of Left 4 Dead, says game director.

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Redfall Isn't Arkane's Left 4 Dead, Confirms Director

An unfortunate delay last year has pushed upcoming highly-anticipated Xbox-exclusive releases Redfall and Starfield by Arkane Austin and Bethesda Game Studios to 2023, teasing a promising year for fans of Xbox Series X and Game Pass.

Based on early look at gameplay, many are theorizing that Arkane's newest co-op shooter could be following footsteps of Left 4 Dead but studio exec begs to differ, claiming it will be a creative spin on Far Cry, combined with S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

In a recent interview with GamesRadar, game director Harvey Smith and Ricardo discussed a lot of details regarding Redfall. Instead of falling into typical Arkane formula, latest shooter actually loosen up on their rules for genres and styles.

Addressing how people may come to a conclusion that Redfall isn't Arkane's Left 4 Dead, studio creative director Ricardo Bare admits the similarities of fighting undead co-operatively in these two games but claims it to be quite different.

In terms of gameplay experience, Redfall will be more like Far Cry and take you to a huge open-world setting to explore. There will be a home base for players to talk to NPCs, take side-quests or choose a story-focused mission to pursue.

You can just ignore everything else and go outside following a direction while interacting with a lot of things around you. Although larger than previous Arkane games, Redfall's open-world will be much smaller than latest Ubisoft releases.

Players have to be on-foot during open-world traversal since there are not vehicle for transport and it helped slow down the pace. Dev team wanted you to creep through fields, sneak up on a group of cultists or help save a few survivors.

Redfall has an unfathomably larger open-world area than Prey's Talos I but compared to today's open-world standards, they are still small. Arkane also focused on gunplay by hiring FPS experts and consulted with id Software veteran devs.
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