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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Resident Evil 7 Sells 4 Million Copies

The attempt to re-define the genre of survival horror video game by Capcom was quite successful and we can tell that by the response of fans and critics over the release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Another news on the horizon is that the game has just sold over 4 million copies recently. Despite being a great number, it fails to please the developer and publisher studio. Now this landmark of reaching 4 million unit sales of Resident Evil 7 was set by Capcom earlier this year and looks like they have just reached their target already.

resident evil 7 eveline
Resident Evil 7 Sells 4 Million Copies

However, they expected to cross the mark a bit earlier than it has. Because, they made assumption before launch that the game will sell an estimate of 4 million copies within a very short time after its release and it actually took nearly seven months for Resident Evil 7 to do that. When Resident Evil 7 shipped 3.5 million copies on release, they took this as a sign of a solid start and then it kind of slowed down.

The actual estimate made by Capcom was a total of 10 million copies for a lifetime but given the fact that while they earned critical acclaim for re-inventing the series with RE7, this move from Capcom has also made a lot of old Resident Evil fanboys upset. This doesn't essentially made the game a flop one but the way they have revamped the world of Resident Evil as we knew it, plus a new way of game-playing along with several DLC to expand the game even further calls for a bit more revenue stream to be honest.

Another reason for Capcom's disappointment could be the fact that the previous installment of the franchise; Resident Evil 6 managed to sell a total of 4.8 million copies and that was actually a lot worse game compared to this one. Still, there are hopes for them to reach their estimate 10 million unit sell as the overall life-cycle of games have significantly expanding these days. Plus, a great number of players go for digital download and those numbers are greater than the ones who buy game disks.

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resident evil 7 gold edition release date
RE7: Gold Edition Launches on December 12

Also, Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition is coming this December 12 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which contains upcoming DLC packs "Not a Hero" and "End of Zoe" as well as previously released Banned Footage Volume 1 and 2. Now, this can hopefully increase a sells raise of the game a bit.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Resident Evil 7 'Not a Hero' DLC Gameplay Video

Ethan Winters have made it out of the Baker family with his life and there are still some mysteries that left unanswered. So, it's time for a specialist to go in and who better is well equipped to take care of monster business other than Chris Redfield. Of course, the guy is no more bulky and extra muscular to punch out a boulder but throw a monster on his face; he'd still punch his way out on its face.

resident evil 7 not a hero dlc
Resident Evil 7 'Not a Hero' DLC Gameplay Video

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Capcom has recently dropped a video of the gameplay from upcoming 'Not a Hero' DLC for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and here is your chance to take a good look at the clip.

This first-look of how 'Not a Hero' DLC will let us face the mold monsters inside the abandoned dungeons of the plantation area as Chris Redfield. Redfield is an expert BOW hunter and he has no time to hide. He will kick his way ahead like a badass we know him as. Since the pack is set after the main game, you won't probably be seeing any of the Baker family members but it will reveal many important aspects of the story you've been worried about.

After Resident Evil 7 came out, many players of the game was complaining about not being able to play as one of the fan-favorite characters of the series. So, when Capcom announced of a DLC where we will be able to control Chris Redfield and kick some serious butt of all the new monsters of the series, it was a moment of rejoice for us all. Though this version of Chris doesn't look like anything that we can relate to, he still is an efficient monster hunter.

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The DLC got delayed during development and the studio apologized for this to the fans. Now it is finally coming out as a free game pack on December 12, along with another called End of Zoe, which by the way will not be free of charge of course. Both of these DLC packs will be available with the Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition also coming out on the same day.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Resident Evil 7 'Not a Hero' DLC Delayed

Ever since the seventh installment of the Resident Evil series has been released, it's been creating all kind of news. Then came the news of 'Resident Evil 7’s DLC featuring Chris Redfield' and everyone loses their minds. Originally, the DLC titled 'Not A Hero' was set to release on during spring 2017 but according to Capcom reports, the DLC will not be out by then.

Recently, Capcom executives have made this decision of delaying 'Not A Hero' and took YouTube to shootout this official announcement to the fans.

resident evil 7 not a hero dlc
Resident Evil 7 'Not a Hero' DLC Delayed

Here is the three minutes video published on Resident Evil's official YouTube channel that explains the reason for the delay.

Producer Masachika Kawata and director Koshi Nakanishi have addressed the reason for the unexpected delay in the DLC's release date to be "Quality". As Resident Evil 7 has not only re-invented the franchise and genre but also raised the bar of expectation much higher. Even though they had nearly finished the game, they thought it is not worthy of being the DLC this game deserves. So, to try and reach the high amount of expectations from fans, Capcom's RE team has taken this initiative.

And given the humane nature of the message and their simplest attempt to reach out to fans and gamers like this really had a positive vibe. Most of the awaiting audience were OK with it as they are prioritizing the quality for a DLC content that is intended to be free.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Resident Evil 7’s Next DLC Features Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 7 has been released over the consoles and fans worldwide have been taking this much-anticipated game with both positive and negative response so far. But one thing is certain, which is, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) is making a name for itself. Since the players were deprived from playing as any canonical characters that previously appeared on the series before and instead have to play with a brand-new character Ethan Winters, their reactions are mixed.

However, for those who eagerly crave for some old faces to show up again, Capcom has an arrangement in their upcoming DLC pack for RE7 titled "Not A Hero", featuring fan-favorite RE veteran Chris Redfield.

chris redfield resident evil 7
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Not A Hero DLC

According to Capcom reports, around sometime during this spring season, "Not A Hero" will be released for free. If you are still skeptical about the news then here goes the Tweet that declared the news.


If you have finished playing Resident Evil 7 and gone through all the cut-scenes and clips, then you already know that Chris Redfield eventually shows up at the end in a cameo role. Though, much about him is neither revealed or clarified and he only mention his name as "Redfield" to Ethan, players and fans are still dubious about him being the real Chris as he was apparently working for Umbrella Corporation during his brief appearance.

Much like to people's reaction towards Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, "Not A Hero" DLC featuring Chris Redfield is also having mixed response so far. If you take a close look at his character design shown in the official Tweet, you will be able to relate to fact that this ain't the same old Chris Redfield that Resident Evil fans have known for past few decades.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Resident Evil 7 Ending Explained

In their tradition of scaring people with survival horror games, Capcom has returned with the seventh and latest installment of their crown jewel Resident Evil series. While this was a most-anticipated piece of the franchise, a reboot of some sort were expected by the fans and make no mistake as it was a reboot. Just not the one that changes the entire landscape of the base plot and then start anew from a fresh point.

At the end result, some proclaimed it to be the best of the series and some thought it was a total piece of crap. Moreover, many fans are still wondering what does the plot really means in overall and where does it lead them next. Simply, we cannot blame who are feeling a bit left out because, it is true that the turn they took with this game was a bit too much for many old fans to catch on and some of the newcomers to the series are also trying to figure out where it all takes them.

resident evil 7 biohazard
Resident Evil 7 Ending Explained

Resident Evil 7 roughly takes 10 hours or so to complete. So, we suggest if you haven't finished playing the game yet, you might want to do that before you go any further from this point as we are about to unleash a lots of spoiler-filled game details below. Here we go.


The entire Baker family is a weird mix of chaos and psychotic personalities. While more than 20 persons has gone missing in their property over the course of 2 years and no one decides to investigate is a bit odd. Or maybe, someone came but didn't actually make it back. Ethan faces Jack and his wife Marguerite Baker a couple of times and ultimately was forced to kill them for his own survival. Lucas however was healed and was secretly working for Umbrella Corporation all along.

resident evil baker family
The Psychotic Baker Family

Many video games these days are coming out of the age-old clichés of delivering a singular ending after you finish the game. Instead, they gave you alternate endings where you are faced with different scenario and consequences, while also reserving one which is considered as the canonical ending. Most of the time, it happens to be the one where the hero faces a comparatively happy ending.

Following this trend, Resident Evil 7 has decided to give us two endings that are based on the decisions game protagonist Ethan Winters is about to make. After taking care of Jack Baker, Ethan has to choose between his wife Mia or Zoe from the Baker family to give the serum and stop the infection of the Mold.

mia and zoe resident evil
Mia or Zoe

If you as Ethan choose to give the serum to Mia, she will survive and when all these chaos is over, will receive medical attention as they leave the wretched place. From this point, you will not see Zoe ever again. This one can be considered as the canonical ending or good ending. On the contrary, if you end up helping Zoe over Mia, then she will die before you reach the wrecked ship and Mia will also sacrifice herself to let Ethan escape. She will show up again only to die at Ethan's hand before he leaves behind the Baker Estate. This one is the bad ending.

RE7 is full of surprises at every corner and one of the biggest one of them was the secret of Eveline; the little girl that you can see at the box cover of the game or promotional arts. She also pops out several times inside the game and guess what? She is the one big-bad monster that you have to face at the end of the game. Her story was never actually a well kept secret in the game if you have read the information files.

resident evil 7 eveline
Secret of Eveline

It appears that Eveline is just another bio-weapon of “E-Series” by Umbrella Corporation and they were actually sending her to an undisclosed location in the first place. She uses the molds to control anyone who is infected and it is near-impossible to get rid of her control as she constantly exposes her victims to hallucinations, which compels them to follow her command and commit horrific deeds.

One scientist theorizes that she actually longs for and creates a family of her own to receive parental love from them. This explains why she chose to stick with the Baker family and how her power has evolved them into super-powered cannibalistic monsters. Whenever anyone is infected by the mold, the person starts seeing Eveline and experiences illusion every now and then.

Ethan was also infected by the virus as well. In his case, it also gave him regenerative abilities to re-attach his arm and leg. He also had his share of visions of the girl and at one point; he even had a conversation with a pre-infected Jack Baker about how they are all held captive by Eveline. She appears to Ethan as a 10-year-old girl before he injects her with a serum and she revealed herself to be the giant mold monster. She actually is that old woman sitting in the chair you encounter at several points of the game.

eveline resident evil 7
Eveline and Mia

Mia Winters were tasked to transport Eveline on a freighter ship as per the orders of her employers at Tentsu and that was three years ago before she went missing. Many may speculate that the wandering Mold monsters from the ship might be failed experimented subject created by the baker family, whereas they are spawned from black, gooey “vomit” of Eveline. Her unstable nature and the rampage of the monsters made the ship stumble onto Louisiana for an unbeknown Jack Baker to find her.

During the final boss-battle, Ethan is assisted by an unforeseen person from a helicopter, who threw him a gun that carve the name ‘Albert-01’, a weapon similar to Wesker’s S.T.A.R.S. handgun. It is still unclear when you were expecting a rocket launcher, why someone would hand you over a handgun, except for the game developers to drop a hint at something. Anyways, as Ethan uses that weapon to take down Eveline for good, the guy comes to rescue him.

resident evil 7 chris redfield
Agent Redfield

As his mysterious savior comes nearby and removes the gas mask he was wearing, we finally get to see his face and he proclaims that he is “Redfield,” which is a direct reference to one of the series protagonist Chris Redfield. Though fans had hard time believing this was in fact the real Chris as he doesn't look anything like the one they knew. Some even came up with the theory that this was someone else who is impersonating Redfield, most possibly Umbrella operative Hunk.

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We thought that we will have to wait till the Resident Evil 7 free DLC 'Not A Hero' comes out but this theory was later debunked when the character is seen listed as Chris Redfield in game’s credits and Capcom finally cleared the air by revealing that we will be able to play as Chris in the 'Not A Hero' DLC. Maybe after depicting him like a bulky steroid junkie in Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, Capcom has finally decided to make some change and shifted tone of the character only to receive massive skepticism among the fan-base.

Another thing that might seem shocking to a lot of old Resident Evil fans that Chris Redfield appears in a helicopter that bears the logo of Umbrella Corporation. Now, this upsets a lot of establishment of the franchise and complicates a lot of story settings because, it was Umbrella who actually started messing around with these viruses and was responsible for the outbreak and eventual destruction of Raccoon City in the first place. From the very first game, Chris and Umbrella Corporation was never an item.

resident evil 7 umbrella corps
Umbrella Corporation Returns!

However, there are hints that this may not be the same corporation that is infamous for their creation of the T-Virus and maybe despite having the same name, their motive has changed just for this instant. Another thing to take on account is that, Umbrella’s logo has slightly changed. The blood red color has been swapped with blue. This might be a hint at something that the 'Not A Hero' DLC will shed lights on or it was just a change of design.

We also cannot sweep out the possibility that it was actually Umbrella Corporation, who came up with the experimentation of the “E-Series” strand of the virus and conducted tests on Eveline. They coming to rescue Ethan can serve two purposes at once. For one, they could've destroyed Eveline anytime they wanted but they wanted her alive for further tests. Then, they came to pick up Ethan as he was infected with the mold but free of Eveline's control. So, now they can extract the sample of the virus and continue their research.

Or perhaps, they are just a fraction of the vile corporation taken over by the heroes working against bio-terrorism. Just saying! This is still a very much debatable point that is not taking us anywhere soon. We still are nowhere close to find out why on earth Chris Redfield is working for Umbrella and what is the true motive of this shady organization this time. Most probably, the upcoming series of DLC will clear more confusion and doubts from our minds.

resident evil 7 beginning hour
Umbrella is Watching

Also, if you have played the Beginning Hour demo of Resident Evil 7, you can find a photograph taken that shows the Umbrella Corps helicopter above the Baker Estate. The picture has writing on its back “Are they watching us from helicopter?” This points out that they actually were keeping an eye on the family but probably chose not to directly engage or interfere for some reason. So, maybe they are not as clean as they come after all.

Receiving generally a very positive response in general from critics and regular gamers except for some serious veterans of the series who sees this one as an abomination, Resident Evil 7 is out now worldwide for playing on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.