The Last of Us Part 2 Gameplay Details

Newly revealed The Last of Us Part II gameplay demo details on new ability features and enemy types.

Recently showcased on State of Play episode, developer Naughty Dog released a new story trailer for upcoming action-adventure game The Last of Us Part II and is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 on February 21, 2020.

There was a media event held on September 24 for TLoU2 in Los Angeles, where they presented a short demo for select crowd that reveals new gameplay details, features and visual improvements made for the much awaited sequel.

the last of us 2 gameplay details ps4 naughty dog sony interactive entertainment
The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Details

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Game director Neil Druckmann breaks down gameplay details of The Last of Us Part II in newly shown footage.

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Ellie is nineteen now and during early phase of the demo, Ellie would share beautiful moments with her companion, Dina. These two spending time together in Wyoming wilderness slowly build up a premise for what comes next.

By second half of demo, she becomes really violent and will stop at nothing to exact revenge on people who hurt her loved ones. When in Seattle, she encounters a hostile group of survivors who kept Joel's brother, Tommy captive.

the last of us 2 gameplay details ps4 ellie and dina naughty dog sony interactive entertainment
Heartfelt Story Moments

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No matter how cruel and harsh they are, these enemies she faces are real people with friends or families and therefore, taking them down will cause people close to them scream in grief but that is a price you have to pay to survive.

Ellie starts patrolling on horseback through abandoned towns of Jackson, Wyoming in snow. She and Dina go looking for any sign of infected Clickers, looters or even some survivors within empty buildings as their primary objective.

the last of us 2 gameplay clicker zombie ps4 naughty dog sony interactive entertainment
A Clicker Encounter

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They leave behind the snowy landscape when entering to neighborhood of Seattle, where her surroundings are covered in green. This is where things start going topsy turvy and she had to take a stand against a ruthless enemy group.

Now that she is no longer a little girl, Ellie is more flexible and can do a lot of stuff compared to Joel. She can jump to reach higher areas to find a way out and even able to dodge close-range attacks to save her neck from a slashing axe.

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Dodging is a newly added feature that can come in very handy in times of avoiding a surprise attack or sort of try to corner you. Naughty Dog has developed an improved AI for opponents to act smarter and be a bit unpredictable at times.

Another latest aspect of her movement is crawling ability that gives her an edge for stealth, allowing her to quickly get out of enemy sight. However, enemies use trained guard dog to sniff you out and track down even if you are hiding.

the last of us 2 gameplay analog stealth system ps4 naughty dog sony interactive entertainment
Analog Stealth System

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Of course, you can stay away from them by activating Listen Mode and follow your scent trail but after you manage to kill their handler, whether you chose to leave them or take them down is totally up to your own moral choice.

Further playthrough will unlock abilities for Ellie and there are multiple skill upgrade paths to choose from depending on your preferred playstyle. Stealth focus is largely leaned towards survival and crafting lets her upgrade melee weapons.

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Also, since entire studio became very busy creating an ambitious single-player experience, Naughty Dog has confirmed on recent press event to unfortunately backtracking from their early plans of including multiplayer components.

The Last of Us Part II has largely improved on core gameplay mechanics of critically-acclaimed original from 2013 and is coming on two discs due to size of its overall content, which will hopefully be worth waiting for such long.
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