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EA Games Returning to Steam

EA games are finally coming back to Steam, with titles like Jedi: Fallen Order and EA Access subscription service.

Only days ago, video game publisher company Electronic Arts has posted photo of a steaming coffee mug on Twitter, which at first glance doesn't mean much and is easily missable but PC gamers assumed this to be a major tease.

With everyone has been speculating that EA may be returning to Steam after all and today, it is finally revealed that they are coming back to digital distribution platform of Valve Corporation eight years after their initial departure.

ea games steam valve electronic arts star wars jedi fallen order
EA Games Returning to Steam

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EA has officially announced partnership with Valve to bring their games to Steam for players on PC platform. This affiliation will bring back some of their popular titles as well as monthly distribution service to a new audience.

To kick-off an exciting lineup, upcoming anticipated title Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has already debuted on Steam and available for pre-order. Soon, Sims 4 and Unravel Two will join before 2019 ends with more to come next year.

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More multiplayer games like Apex Legends, Battlefield V and FIFA 20 will arrive next year that previously were available on Origin Access. On spring 2020, their partnership will bring EA Access subscription program to Steam.

By spending $4.99 only a month or $29.99 for a year, players would get unlimited access to games from The Vault, early trials, exclusive discounts, expansions and special in-game rewards for their EA Access membership via Steam.

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Back in 2014, EA Access was revealed for Xbox One before coming to PC as Origin Access and now is out on PlayStation 4 platform too. Though they were doing okay, it probably has failed to gain as much traction as EA expected.

This huge power move from Electronic Arts and Valve will surely benefit developers and players from PC gaming community while work on to improve their company image to public in an age of competitive marketplace.