Hitman 3: England Location Revealed

IO Interactive reveals new location Dartmoor, England for Hitman III, sending Agent 47 to solve a murder mystery.

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Hitman 3: England Location Revealed

To wrap up World of Assassination trilogy of newly rebooted Hitman series on January 2021, developer/publisher IO Interactive announces Hitman III for Google StadiaPCPlayStation 4PlayStation 5Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

In anticipation of release earlier next year, IO Interactive is revealing new gameplay features that intrigue fans. IOI released a new trailer titled "The Thornbridge Mystery" lately, which reveals second mission location of Hitman 3.

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England location reveal video has opened up a new chapter in next installment of Hitman series of games.

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Silent assassin Agent 47 often travels to various locations throughout the world in order to complete his contracts and one of his recent jobs takes him to jolly old England, where he is apparently called in to solve a murder mystery.

A suspicious death took place at Thornbridge Manor, which is a resident of people with dark pasts but people are calling it a murder. They called in for a private detective and 47 showed up at Dartmoor, England to solve a heinous crime.

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Interior of Thornbridge Manor sets up a nice site full of hidden walls and passages around to explore. While playing a private eye, Agent 47 can try figuring out who committed the crime and work on his own plans of taking out targets.

Though not a crossover, twists within Dartmoor mission story are placed in a fashion that is akin to 2019 crime-thriller film Knives Out. IO Interactive has delved into popular culture in past by making funny reference to Home Alone movies.

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Hitman 3 will allow players to import maps and unlockables from Hitman and Hitman 2, alongside six new maps at launch. Dubai level was already showcased in a previous cinematic trailer and now England location is confirmed as well.

Back in June, Hitman III was announced during PlayStation 5 reveal event as a cross-gen title. Last month, VR support was confirmed at State of Play and latest trailer reveals a 12 months timed exclusivity for PC on Epic Games Store.
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