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Demon's Souls Remake Player Finds Secret Door Behind Illusory Wall

Player discover secret door hidden in Demon's Souls Remake for PS5 that was not part of original game.

A launch title for PlayStation 5 consoles, action role-playing game Demon's Souls Remake from developer Bluepoint Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment comes closer to 2009 original in terms of its design and gameplay.

Although developed as a faithful modern-day remake, players on PS5 are coming across many new additions that were never part of original Demon's Souls including a mysterious door that is locked and hidden behind an illusory wall.

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Demon's Souls Remake Player Finds Secret Door Behind Illusory Wall

This latest discovery was made by Soulsborne content creator VaatiVidya, who stumbled upon an entrance that seemed like a dead end but it can be interacted with, suggesting some secret behind it, probably a gateway to somewhere.

While wandering near Tower Knight Archstone where Yuria the Witch is located, he finds out an illusory wall behind a heap of trash. It unveils a locked door concealed right behind but it seems that there is no likely ways to unlock it so far.

VaatiVidya shared his short gameplay video of how this strange hidden door was discovered by him lately.

Another player shared an image on Reddit showing how close he really came and managed to peek on the other side using in-game photo mode where it appears to be an unidentified item floating over a knight's dead body on terrace.

One enthusiast Redditor has gone out of his way to find its secrets by trying out everything he could think of including wearing various unique sets and even carrying 79 gold coins, which is a throwback to Shadow of the Colossus remake.

Until someone from Bluepoint Games reveals what really lies behind that strange hidden door, there is no way to know right now. Players are assuming this to be a hint for a potential DLC or expansion perhaps currently in works for future.

It is possible that a way to open the door already exists but no one has found it yet as Demon's Souls Remake only launched days ago. It could also be a rare upgrade item found in Shrine of Storms like PS3 original or a clever Easter egg.