Hades Adds PC Cross-Save on Nintendo Switch

Supergiant Games adds cross-save feature for Nintendo Switch version of rogue-like dungeon crawler Hades.

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Hades Adds PC Cross-Save on Nintendo Switch

After successfully completing Early Access period for over a year, roguelike action role-playing game Hades from developer/publisher Supergiant Games saw full release on PC via Epic Games Store and Steam as well as Nintendo Switch.

They originally wanted to include a cross-save feature between PC and Switch at launch but it was delayed due to issues at testing phase. Supergiant releases a new update today that allows players to transfer cross-platform file saves.

Switch owners can now transfer save data between PC and handheld device from main menu screen by choosing "Cross-Saves" feature. Then connect either of your Epic Games or Steam account to launch upload file saves to cloud.

Before you start uploading, make sure that your version of the game is currently up to date and update Hades just to be sure. A number of other improvements available on PC are now added in recent patch 1.0.37119 released for Switch.

Debuted through Early Access program of Epic Games Store last year, Hades is heavily inspired by Greek mythology. Supergiant Games may release a console version for PlayStation and Xbox when it's Switch-exclusivity comes to an end.

Hades was nominated for eight categories including "Game of The Year" at The Game Awards 2020 alongside games like Doom Eternal, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II and only end up winning as Best Indie and Best Action.
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