Resident Evil Village Ending Spoilers and More Leaked

Another series of online leaks regarding Resident Evil: Village reveals ending spoilers and more story details.

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Resident Evil Village Ending Spoilers and More Leaked

In a recent ransomware attack, release slate of games by developer/publisher Capcom for next four years got leaked online, including upcoming survival horror title Resident Evil 8: Village set for a cross-gen platform release early 2021.

Shortly after that massive data breach, release window and names of Resident Evil Village cut-scenes were spoiled. Another latest bunch of leak at ResetEra forum reveals major story details regarding Chris Redfield and main antagonist.


A user on ResetEra breaks down plot premise and ending leaks of Resident Evil: Village in a long thread. Chris's connection to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard storyline, Ethan and Mia Winters' final fate and some fan-theories are addressed too.

Fans are having a hard time figuring out what's wrong with Chris lately when he seemingly shot down Mia in RE8 reveal trailer. Some theorized that he probably has gone rogue or probably is working with Blue Umbrella for some reason.

Leaks claim that Redfield has left BSAA and actually went rogue this time after years of fighting Bio-terrorism. He is actively looking for a new mysterious villain named Miranda for three years, who also serves as primary antagonist of RE8.

Though she is dangerous and has morphing abilities, BSAA didn't approve his extreme methods and so he decides to go solo. At the opening scene at Ethan Winters' house, he actually shot her multiple times and not Mia as many believed.

Players would take control of Ethan for first half of Resident Evil Village playthrough until he is confronted by Miranda and his fate is unclear. From that point on, Chris become playable and Ethan returns again for final boss encounter.

He will eventually die in the end battling Miranda while asking Chris to take care of his daughter Rose. Mia was captured long before and her fate remains largely vague throughout entire game but most likely it is tied to some player choice.

Miranda is a newly introduced mysterious character that shares a connection to Eveline and not Alex Wesker in disguise. She is capable of changing appearance of fully transform her body into many shapes and forms like Molded creatures.

Ethan and Mia's daughter is named Rose, who is a reincarnation of Eveline and Miranda tries to steal her. Despite initial failure and getting shot by Chris, she managed to steal Rose and takes her to the village only to be worshiped by locals.

In the aftermath of RE: Village events, Chris Redfield will finally retire so that he could Rose as his surrogate daughter. There will be a major time lapse of a decade or so when she grows up and Chris becomes an old man in late 2030s.

She pays a visit to Ethan Winters' grave and is approached by an agent, who came to inform her about a job. Rose may have joined BSAA to fight Bio-terrorism just like her father and turn out to be a prodigy with slight influence of Eveline.

Also to note that latest leaks are from an older build of Resident Evil 8 and some of them may not end up being a part of final release. Nevertheless, there are still many loose ends that are yet to be revealed once RE: Village launches.

Aside from Capcom's alleged plan to release Resident Evil: Village for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on April 2021, there are a number of other Resident Evil projects reportedly in works, Resident Evil Outrage and Resident Evil Hank.
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