State of Decay 2 Free Next-Gen Upgrade Details Revealed

Undead Labs adds new difficulty mode and free next-gen upgrades for State of Decay 2 in latest update.

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State of Decay 2 Free Next-Gen Upgrade Details Revealed

Although fans of original State of Decay loved playing open-world zombie survival game State of Decay 2 from developer Undead Labs and publisher Xbox Game Studios when it came out on PC and Xbox One, it soon becomes repetitive.

Undead Labs is still supporting players with regular post-launch content and they recently rolled out a major update to test your ultimate survival skills and celebrate holiday season with added difficulty mode and free next-gen upgrades.

Courtesy of Xbox, an unlisted footage on official YouTube channel showcase next-gen features of SoD2.

Update 23 takes full advantage of next-gen consoles' lightning fast speed to improve its loading time and better world details. State of Decay 2 is now fully optimized for Xbox Series X/S and is able run at up to 4K resolution on 60 FPS.

Undead Labs introduces Lethal Difficulty, an ultra-hard difficulty mode that dials up everything up to up to eleven. SoD2 veterans can now face off against even more dangerous Zeds while being on the lookout for scarce resources.

Those who craved for a gorier experience and thought Nightmare Zones were not challenging enough are in for a treat. Except for plague consumable infection, almost every other aspects of combat encounter deals you extra damage.

Lethal Zone presents you with an ultimate challenge of surviving against all impossible odds and deadlier threats. You come across too many Plague Hearts to clear and special "freak" zombies are now replaced with blood plague variants.

A recent developer diary video highlights notable details of Lethal Difficulty mode and next-gen improvements.

Since we are close to winter season, latest update includes a number of themed rewards in Stay Frosty Pack. Equip your survivors in winter-camouflage outfits, weapons or maintenance bench by earning them through in-game challenges.

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is available now on Windows PC via Epic Games Store and Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass. All content within bounty pack are free to all players for a very limited time for everyone to grab on.
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