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Aliens: Fireteam Gameplay Demo

First gameplay video of upcoming co-op shooter Aliens: Fireteam showcase 20-minutes of intense action.

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Aliens: Fireteam Gameplay Demo

During official announcement of upcoming third-person shooter game Aliens: Fireteam earlier, developer Cold Iron Studios and 20th Century Games promised to showcase a gameplay demo, offering first-look at various in-game mechanics.

Cold Iron Studios have premiered 20-minutes long gameplay walkthrough for fans to get a good glimpse at a number of details. Latest showcase features only fraction of a campaign level from Fireteam, shedding light on combat and enemies.

Cold Iron Studios dev team joins IGN journalist Ryan McCaffrey in a lengthy deep-dive of Aliens: Fireteam.

Aliens: Fireteam is a co-operative survival shooter experience set within Aliens universe, similar to Left 4 Dead. Players can take part in twelve missions across four different campaign levels in each playthrough and clear hives across LV-895.

Fireteam makes an attempt to move away from horror elements of Alien (1979) by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator) and delve more into action-focused themes of Aliens (1986) by James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic) for its story campaign.

There are five playable classes of Colonial Marines with unique abilities that you can customize from a variety of options. Cold Iron Studios to add unlockable cosmetic items but promised not to include any loot boxes or micro-transactions.

Recent gameplay footage gives you some idea of how each class takes out those deadly bugs in dark hallways. Demolisher class equips you with heavy firepower for a quick clean up, whereas Technician mostly sets up perimeters and turrets.

Fans also get a better look at newly introduced Xenomorphs as some of them are inspired from Aliens movie franchise. One of the newest Alien enemies is called a Burster that crawls on walls and leaves a huge pool of acid when it explodes.

Then there are regular Drone types that run amok on USS Endeavor alongside numerous other known categories. Another newcomer is known as Spitter, which throws off acid projectile from afar and are a bit more resilient than other ones.

In terms of replayability, Cold Iron Studios plans to change a variety of difficulty parameters for each new playthrough. While playing in default difficulty level, you need not to worry too much about friendly fire or scavenging for resources.

Aliens: Fireteam is set to arrive on summer 2021 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. You can either play solo being aided by two AI teammates or get into co-op action alongside up to three friends.