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Babylon's Fall Angers Fans With Live-Service Decision

Platinum Games and Square Enix trying to make Babylon's Fall a live-service game could be a "fall" for them.

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Babylon's Fall Angers Fans With Live-Service Decision

After being announced during E3 2018 press event, upcoming action role-playing hack and slash game Babylon's Fall from developer Platinum Games and publisher Square Enix has revealed a gameplay teaser back in December 10, 2019.

In both cases, not much details revealed other than inspiration of Biblical aspects and teasing of a fantasy setting. Latest E3 2021 trailer reveals that Platinum Games has plans to make it a "live service" type of game, only to upsets players.

It seems Square Enix took an inspiration from existing live-service games such as Godfall, which was originally revealed 3 days after first gameplay reveal of Babylon's Fall at The Game Awards 2019 and their own game Marvel's Avengers.

Unfortunately for Square Enix, they couldn't read the market and offer fans what they really wanted. After years of failure with most uninspiring "live-service" games, the term is generally synonymous with "dead on arrival" these days.

Platinum Games Inc. had a history of making great single-player, story driven action games such as Astral Chain, Bayonetta, NieR: Automata, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and many more, yet they ended up dropping the ball this time.

People were expecting Babylon's Fall to be similar to their past games and not something that Square Enix has cooked up lately and fan-reaction is also pretty clear from like/dislike ratio of their new E3 2021 trailer on YouTube channel.

Those who somehow missed out a full-length developer interview on Babylon's Fall earlier can check this out.

Given that Platinum Games now opened a new studio for live-service games, this was almost inevitable. Square Enix made a huge mistake with their latest approach to what could be a very promising game and will surely realize it soon.

Babylon's Fall is confirmed to release on Windows PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms. Square Enix announced to launch a Closed Beta test for PC that is expected to go live sometime in July 2021 and later for consoles.