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Battlefield 2042 Reveals Portal Multiplayer Mode

Electronic Arts reveal first-look at "Battlefield Portal" multiplayer mode, which includes maps, weapons and more from previous games.

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Battlefield 2042 Reveals Portal Multiplayer Mode

Earlier in July, there were rumors of upcoming first-person shooter game Battlefield 2042 from developer EA DICE and publisher Electronic Arts to bring back remastered maps from previous Battlefield games but not a lot of detail though.

Today at EA Play Live 2021 digital event, EA has finally revealed their mystery multiplayer mode "Battlefield Portal" that features fan-favorite maps from past Battlefield titles for a community-driven customizable experience for everyone.

EA released a brand-new footage for Battlefield Portal mode, in association with Ripple Effect Studios.

Los Angeles-based Ripple Effect Studios has been working on newly introduced Portal mode, to deliver an all-new platform where players get to choose their own turf of Battlefield and a wide variety of circumstances with unique challenges.

Battlefield Portal is allowing players access to a creation suite and a Logic Editor to create, share and discover unforeseen settings. You can set and tweak equipment, vehicles, weapons and lot more across iconic Battlefield maps from earlier.

Using these new tools, you can get creative and arrange situations like Battlefield 1942 Vs. 2042 or soldiers with knives Vs. defibrillators. Portal mode lets you come up with any wild idea of war imaginable and then make it into playable reality.

Players will also get their hands on all content of 2042, over 40 weapons, All-Out Warfare mode arsenal and more. All classic fractions are returning to Portal, with gadgets and vehicles of three Theaters of War, including everything from 2042.

Fans were speculating that BF 2042 will add a number of remastered maps as they did earlier but weren't sure about what to expect. Many thought that EA may bring back classic maps that include a number of changes and new features.

Over time, Battlefield 2042 live services will be adding new content to Battlefield Portal through four Seasons in first year of launch. EA has already planned to introduce four battle passes, new locations, Specialists, weapons and much more.

battlefield 2042 infographic first-person shooter game multiplayer mode only ea play live 2021 dice criterion games electronic arts pc ps4 playstation 5 xb1 xbox series x/s release date october 22 2021
Battlefield 2042 Infographic

Battlefield Portal revives six iconic maps from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. Franchise fans can have their own version of definitive Battlefield experience with deep customization and modify overall settings.

BF 2042 dev team has rebuilt above-mentioned maps from ground up using new assets, adding more destructibility on top of it. Portal mode is moving away from conventional action tropes of Battlefield series and aiming for a larger scale.

Ripple Effect senior design director Justin Wiebe truly wants player-community to explore these great tools and have their own experience. Many of these maps would make veteran players a bit nostalgic while new players can join in as well.

Battlefield 2042 is set to release for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on October 22, 2021. EA Play members will be getting 10% discount on pre-order and Early Access to Open Beta session in September 2021.


  1. Wow!!!!! They actually included an actual gaming moment when a player ACTUALLY jumped out of their jet, shot the other jet, and got back in theirs...that's pretty epic. That tornado tho!!!! Are we gonna actually gonna get to play whilst riding a tornado?? Game looks epic! This looks awesome, I'm hoping we are given back the system where we were able to heavily customize our weapons like in battlefield 4.


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