Doom Eternal Invasion Mode Cancelled, Horde Mode in Works

id Software has scrapped ideas of Invasion mode for Doom Eternal, planning to add a Horde mode instead.

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Doom Eternal Invasion Mode Cancelled, Horde Mode in Works

Surpassing its predecessor in terms of player count and sales, first-person shooter title Doom Eternal from developer id Software and publisher Bethesda Softworks is out now on PC and all current as well as next generation consoles.

In a recent development update, id Software announces their decision to cancel long-awaited Invasion mode for Doom Eternal. However, they are currently shifting all efforts to offer a new single-player Horde mode instead and more.

Long before Doom Eternal release, Invasion mode was originally teased during QuakeCon 2018 event. id Software had to postpone their plans eventually and they promised to include it via a post-launch update at a later date, for free.

Due to unforeseen situation of COVID-19 pandemic, dev team has shifted to working remotely from home. These restrictions have slowed down progress and Invasion mode gets pushed into 2021 window and delayed by Ancient Gods.

A social media post from id Software official Twitter account reveals development update for Doom Eternal.

Horde mode will unleash waves of AI enemies on players as they arm themselves to encounter more powerful enemies. Based on community feedback to DLC expansions and master levels, dev team choose to replace Invasion mode.

Invasion mode was planned for Doom Eternal players to invade single-player campaign of other players as demons. In terms of technicality, Horde mode seems like a much better replacement for id Software given present circumstances.

Aside from delivering Horde mode, id Soft executive producer Marty Stratton also confirmed to rework 2v1 multiplayer Battlemode. Players will experience a more competitive gameplay, new map, balance patch and rank-based structure.

Bethesda and id Software promised to reveal more information at upcoming QuakeCon digital event on August 19, 2021. In a surprise announcement, game director Hugo Martin may end up revealing a follow-up sequel to Doom Eternal.
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