Dying Light 2 Monsters Gameplay Revealed

Techland reveals new infected enemies in Dying Light 2: Stay Human gameplay trailer and second episode of Dying 2 Know.

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Dying Light 2 Monsters Gameplay Revealed

After a long postponement since last year, upcoming first-person survival horror game Dying Light 2 by developer/publisher Techland has been announced to release on December 7, 2021 for all major gaming platforms back in May 2021.

Slowly preparing for launch later this year amidst COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, Techland has revealed a brand-new trailer today that showcases gameplay footage featuring dark zone and various enemy types that players will encounter.

Newly revealed gameplay trailer for Dying Light 2 offers a closer look at zombie enemies and infested areas.

Dying Light 2 monsters gameplay trailer takes protagonist Aiden Caldwell on a trip to acquire a biomarker from abandoned GRE hospital. He and his associate jumps through many buildings to finally get there and enter its forsaken premises.

Together they sneak into its corridors littered with infected creatures and walks past them very carefully without them even noticing. These hospital crews were working to find a cure to this infection before they were doused in chemicals.

In stealth missions like this, players are allowed to interact with surrounding environment and even take cover under a table for hiding. It gives you more freedom to act on your own rather than being forced to choose from a set of actions.

Aiden and his pal were doing great for themselves until a drifting Volatile notice them and then alert rest of its kind. They eventually find a biomarker for him and are hurriedly chased off by a crowd of zombies outside, into broad daylight.

Techland goes more in-depth on DL2 enemy details in second episode of Dying 2 Know ongoing web-series.

In today's episode of Dying 2 Know, dev team has shared new insights and updates on progress of overall production. Lead game designer Tymon Smektala discuses many aspects of dark zone and story behind these infected monstrosities.

A wide variety of monsters are lurking everywhere in open-world city of Dying Light 2 and you have to play smart to stay alive. Aside from knowing their weakness, keeping a stash of Antizin or UV light is an essential part of your survival.

Infected bodies that were left in sunlight for long has been degraded and wanders aimlessly on streets as Biter. Whatever virus causes this infection, it only makes progress in dark and turns a person into a deadly beast known as Volatile.

There are Howler types that will scream and call its peers, whereas giant-armed Demolisher will throw stuff at you from afar. Watch out for Banshee to sneak on you and be aware at night for a large group being summoned by a Revenant.

DL2 dev team pays respect to David Belle, original founder of Parkour movement and made him an actual in-game character. Belle has also worked with Techland for first Dying Light game and made sure parkour animations were done right.

Dying Light 2 is set to arrive for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on December 7, 2021. Pre-order for Standard, Deluxe, Ultimate and Collector's Edition are now available across all digital and retail storefronts.
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