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Xbox Game Pass to Add Battlefield 5, Microsoft Flight Simulator and More

A second lineup of games arrives on Xbox Game Pass including Battlefield V, Microsoft Flight Simulator and more for late-July 2021.

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Xbox Game Pass to Add Battlefield 5, Microsoft Flight Simulator and More

Although not a lot of games were added to Xbox Game Pass subscription service early in June, Microsoft has unveiled a dozen of new titles that members can enjoy playing across cloud, PC and Xbox family of current and last-gen console.

Thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, currently there are over 80 cloud-enabled games that you can play using Xbox touch controls. As they are adding more titles over time, you can enjoy them on Apple phones, tablet devices and on Windows PC.

Revisit the events of World War II in 2018 first-person shooter Battlefield V and experience war like never before. Play great single-player campaigns in War Stories or enjoy Grand Operations multiplayer mode with friends through EA Play.

Joining today on day-one, role-playing game Cris Tales takes inspiration from classic JRPGs and centers around time mage Crisbell. Explore story elements in past, present and future to forge your very own destiny in a dark fairy-tale world.

A definition of post-apocalyptic farming simulator, roguelite bullet-hell game Atomicrops is a bizarre pixel-art adventure where you try to defend your harvest from horde of mutated crops, marry some local and go collect neighboring cats.

Based on Indian myths and traditions, 2020 action-adventure title Raji: An Ancient Epic focuses on a young girl who is determined to find her abducted brother from an invading demonic army at all costs and is blessed by the gods in her quest.

A tale of three ordinary people coming together due to a supernatural crisis, indie third-person exploration adventure Last Stop by Variable State and Annapurna Interactive follows relatively linear narrative style and has minimal interactions.

Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Xbox, fast-paced action game Blinx: The Time Sweeper and its warped worlds coming to Game Pass on July 26. Also joining the same day is first-party arcade flight game Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.

Fly off to an unknown destination piloting a wide variety of aircrafts in amateur flight simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator, which lets you test your skills amidst live-weather and a living world in safest way during COVID-19 global pandemic.

Get ready for some intense ball game action, as indie arcade sports game Lethal League Blaze from developer/publisher Team Reptile takes you to Shine City and compete against local or online challengers playing anti-gravity ball game.

Discover wonders of ancient world and embark an adventure in puzzle-platformer title Omno by indie developer Jonas Manke. You will wander around its diverse landscapes collect energy blobs, finding secrets, solving puzzles and more.

Then get on board to become an ace pilot in arcade-style combat action game Project Wingman by Humble Games. Another day-one entry into ID@Xbox program, action RPG title The Ascent is set in a futuristic cyberpunk dystopia of anarchy.

By end of July, It Lurks Below, The Touryst and UnderMine will be leaving Game Pass library for cloud, consoles and PC. Meanwhile, don't forget to check out Game Pass Ultimate Perks and get your hands on monthly quests for bonus points.

Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate are offering a massive catalog of games to members at a cheap price of $9.99 and $14.99 only. New subscribers can sign up for first three months of membership by paying just $1 and nothing more.