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Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Mode Revealed

DICE and Electronic Arts have revealed squad-based Hazard Zone experience for Battlefield 2042, coming next month.

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Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Mode Revealed

Up until now, developer EA DICE and publisher Electronic Arts have shown off All-Out Warfare and Battlefield Portal multiplayer gameplay for upcoming first-person shooter game Battlefield 2042, set to release on November 19, 2021.

Only a month away from launch, DICE and Electronic Arts unveils a first-look at long-anticipated gameplay mode Hazard Zone, a squad-based experience for players to complete objectives and survive until they are finally pulled out alive.

Battlefield 2042 offers first-look at Hazard Zone squad-focused PvPvE survival experience in latest trailer.

Battlefield 2042 takes place in a near-future setting and Hazard Zone takes cue from events to set up its premise. After a global blackout, Russia and U.S. collects aerial surveillance data on each other by launching low-orbit satellites.

Hazard Zone debuts as a time-limited mode that requires groups of four players to secure data drives from crashed satellites across the world while fighting against AI-controlled enemies and other teams until your extraction shows up.

You and a group of friends volunteer to bring the data from Hazard Zone locations and engage rival Non-Patriated teams. Completing your objectives other than taking out opposing squads is actually extremely important to your victory.

All seven All-Out Warfare maps are available to explore and get these drives from until a storm comes, wiping everything out. Squads have only two limited extraction window during matches, occurs in different locations and time period.

battlefield hazard zone squad based multiplayer mode first-person shooter game 2021 ea dice criterion games electronic arts pc ps4 playstation 5 xb1 xbox series x/s release date november 19
Squad-Based Survival Experience

Occupying forces will also intervene to take those drives away and therefore, you better get out of there fast. If a team can survive and successfully complete their task, rewards will be decided by number of data drives you have salvaged.

Based on your value of recovered drives, overall earnings will be converted to a special in-game currency called Dark Market Credits for Hazard Zone that can be spend for purchasing a variety of gadgets, weapons and upgrades in future.

There are 10 specialists confirmed for launch and 15 tactical upgrades to buy with Dark Market Credits. Choose your preferred specialists and sync up before heading over to Hazard Zone and all of you only have one life to finish the job.

Battlefield 2042 is currently scheduled to release for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S platforms next month. Gold or Ultimate Edition pre-order will get you Early Access to drop in starting from November 12.