Sifu Aging/Death Mechanics and New Release Date Revealed

Sloclap reveals new release date for upcoming indie action game Sifu and offers an overview of Aging/Death mechanics.

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Sifu Aging/Death Mechanics and New Release Date Revealed

It was revealed during PlayStation State of Play July 2021 showcase that upcoming indie action game Sifu from developer/publisher Sloclap will be delayed from a late 2021 release window to a possible launch schedule for early next year.

In a recent announcement, Sloclap reveals to release on PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles on February 8, 2022. Also, new gameplay trailer drops today that offers detailed look at aging/death system as well as combat.

A brief gameplay teaser reveals a new release date for Sifu and glimpses over its in-game aging mechanics.

Newest gameplay videos for Sifu are focused on counter attacks and combat strategies that will either help you avoid conflict or win fights. Aside from relying on brawling, players should build a great defense with a mastery of techniques.

Attacking an enemy or parrying incoming blows can offer opportunities to hit them hard or lead to a knockout. You surrounding area will reshape the flow of combat and is very useful to throw them completely off balance during an attack.

Dev team has optimized the game to ensure a stable 60 FPS rate a smooth experience across all available platforms. Sloclap used a dynamic lock system for camera that swaps between several enemies without making you feel surrounded.

Meanwhile, you should learn from mistakes and adapt to challenges thrown at you as they may lead player character to death. However, death is an integral part of progression system, which is developed through experience and training.

Sifu takes respawning to a new level by adding a twist, letting you come back after death but at a certain cost of course. Get back up each time you die but even stronger and tougher than you were before as you spend a bit of XP on skills.

Players will age through death and eventually lose some health over more power as an effect of their previous mistakes. Despite aging, protagonist character won't have any serious drawbacks on abilities and will be able to finish full game.

A second gameplay trailer shows intense Kung Fu beat 'em up action, shedding light on combat system of Sifu.

Players can also unlock new skills at Kung Fu training facility known as Wuguan amidst missions or in Shrines for improvement perks. These perks and skills will shape up your traits that would offer advantages in combat and boost health.

Sifu is currently available for pre-order on digital storefronts and Deluxe Edition is priced $49.99 only. Sloclap is not charging players an extra $10 for current generation console version and PC version is likely to be a timed exclusive to EGS.
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